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Commissioner St.

In the coalmines of my beginning
The goings there were very hard
All the toil and sweat I put in
Was someone else's living.
Was someone else's living.

Hey now, that's a thought.
A crowd to carry out my lot.
Right there in front of me
I saw the fate I sought.

Struck a deal with a master miner.
He drove a bargain to the end.
Cost me nights and nights of worry.
But look what I was getting.
But look what I was getting.

Hey now, look at me.
I'm not the man I used to be.
A clear-eyed view of things.
Two feet on the floor.
Now the sky is fair.
Everything I have to spare.
See me standing straight.
Back is bet no more.

I'll make my home on Commissioner...
And all sin my only friend.
I'll take your life on Commissioner...
Your soul will scream with me again.

It's a pleasure living in ease
When all you have to do is wait.
Having all is my Achilles.
It doesn't matter to me.
It doesn't matter to me.

Hey wait, look at me.
I'm not the hypocrite you see.
I've paid a heavy price;
The circus knows my name.
Little did I know
Just how fast old man time goes.
You have to learn to lose
If you play the game..