Recommended Region 0 NTSC DVDs
compatible with all North American DVD Players and Worldwide NTSC compatible equipment
Music Video Compilations
Abba - "The Definitive Collection". Most people dismiss this swedish band as an antiquated disco band. But what attracted me to this band were their pop ballads, my favorites being "One Of Us" and "S.O.S". This compilation is available from,, and Also available on Region 0 Pal - Consult Listings Below
Aqua - "The Video Collection". I've always wondered why this region 0 NTSC DVD never made its way to Canadian shelves. This pop band was incredibly popular here but this compilation is only available in Japan. It's a shame. I think the videos are bright and imaginative - In your face kitch pop. This DVD is available from HMV Hong Kong
Celine Dion - "On Ne Change Pas". I've always prefered Celine's french recordings over most of her english recordings so I was happy to hear that she was going to have her own french video compilation in December, 2005. This DVD is available from, and icon.
Genesis - "The Video Show". Formerly titled "The Platinum Collection", this compilation features all of the band's 32 music videos and it is currently available from and
Mike Oldfield - "Elements". Known primarily for hit "Tubular Bells", an instrumental later borrowed for the main theme of "The Exorcist", guitarist Mike Oldfield has had numerous hits in Europe, most of which were included on this compilation. This compilation features most of the videos released by Virgin Records so it does not contain his most recent hit videos under the WEA label, which will hopefully be released soon. However, this is still an excellent video compilation. "Elements" is available from Also available on Region 0 Pal
Pet Shop Boys - "Pop Art - The Hits". This DVD features all of the band's videos up to "I Get Along" (2002), including some alternative videos and audio commentary. This DVD is available from,, and Also available on Region 0 Pal
Pink Floyd - Pulse. This is one of the most visually entertaining concert videos i've seen. But then, it is a Pink Floyd DVD. This DVD features many of the band's classics, including those dedicated to and inspired by band founder Syd Barrett, who unfortunately passed away a few days prior to its release. This excellent DVD is available from and
Tears For Fears - "Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits '82 - '92". This no frills but complete video compilation is available from and Also available on Region 0 Pal/font>
Tears For Fears - "Scenes From The Big Chair". Finally released on DVD, this compilation includes the videos from hit album "Songs From the Big Chair", some interviews, live footage and the complete "Going To California" concert. This incredible DVD is available from and Also available on Region 0 Pal
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