Recommended Region 0 Pal DVDs
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Music Video Compilations
Abba - "The Definitive Collection".Most people dismiss this swedish band as an antiquated disco band. But what attracted me to this band were their pop ballads, my favorites being "One Of Us" and "S.O.S". Available in Pal format from, and Also available in NTSC.
Tina Arena - "Greatest Hits: 1994-2004". Known primarily in Canada for top 15 hit "Chains" and her duet with Mark Anthony on the Mask Of Zorro theme, "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You", Australian pop vocalist Tina Arena has had numerous other hits in her native country and Europe. This includes "Never (Past Tense)", her chart topping collaboration with The Roc Project, a cover of Foreigner hit "I Want To Know What Love Is", dance single "Symphony of Life" and french hit "Aller Plus Haut." All of these videos are included on this Australian DVD and more. Lara Fabian and Celine Dion fans will love this DVD. "Greatest Hits: 1994-2004" is available from and HMV Hong Kong
Crowded House - "Dreaming - The Videos". This compilation was long overdue. A video compilation had been promised since their release of their "Recurring Dreams" greatest hits cd and it only made its way to us fans in 2003. Well worth the wait though. The Pal version is available from, and Also available in NTSC.
Mylene Farmer - "Music Video I, II & III". Canadian born french recording artist Mylene Farmer is primarily known for her haunting, soft vocals and experimental, controversial music videos, most of which are included on two DVDs that didn't make their way to Canada. Both "Music Vidéos" and "Music Vidéos II & III",my personal favorite, are available from
Genesis - "The Video Show". A Pal version of this compilation has already been released in Europe and is available to order from, and
Level 42 - "Collection". Most 80's fans would remember this new wave band for hits "Something About You", "Lessons In Love" and "Leaving Me Now" and the lead singer's rhythmic bass. This European collection includes both a DVD containing all of the bands videos and a CD of their hits. "Collection" is available from both and
Sarah McLachlan - "Video Collection 1989-1998". My favorite compilation by a Canadian artist, this DVD includes 15 music videos, from the Canadian version of "Vox" to "Adia". I agree that this is mostly a compilation for her fans but I think many of you will enjoy a few videos like "Building A Mystery", "Sweet Surrender", "Hold On" and "Drawn To The Rhythm". Special Edition Pal version available from
Noir Desir - "En Images". In my opinion, Noir Desir is Frances best rock band, followed closely by Indochine and duo Niagara. Nominated for a Victoire De La Musique award this year, this dvd features three hours of live performances and all of the band's music videos. But like many french compilations, it is currently only available in Europe.
Mike Oldfield - "Elements". Known primarily for hit "Tubular Bells", an instrumental later borrowed for the main theme of "The Exorcist", guitarist Mike Oldfield has had numerous hits in Europe, most of which were included on this compilation. This compilation features most of the videos released by Virgin Records so it does not contain his most recent hit videos under the WEA label, which will hopefully be released soon. However, this is still an excellent video compilation. A Pal version of this compilation is available to order from and Also available in NTSC.
Roxette - "All the Videos Ever Made & More". This video compilation has been released in Europe and Australia in 2001 but has yet to be released in North America. Featuring all 35 of the swedish duo's videos from 1987 to 2001, this DVD also includes several rare videos and two documentaries. This DVD is available from and
Split Enz. Crowded House fans will enjoy this Australian/New Zelland import featuring this band's videos. Their videos are classic 80's ; Bright, imaginative and in an entertaining manner, odd. This video compilation is available from
Pet Shop Boys - "Pop Art" - This DVD features all of the band's videos up to "I Get Along" (2002), including some alternative videos and audio commentary. A Pal version available from, and Also available in NTSC.
Talk Talk - "Natural History". This European compilation was just recently re-released with a DVD featuring all of this new wave rock bands videos, including popular 80's videos "It's My Life" and "Life Is What You Make It". This new version has now replaced the previous version at and
Tears For Fears - "Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits '82 - '92". This no frills but complete video compilation is available in Pal from, and Also available in NTSC.
Weird Al Yankovic - "The Ultimate Video Collection". The king of pop (parody) has released an updated version of his hilarious video collection on DVD ! 24 videos in all. A Pal version available from Also available in NTSC.
General Interest DVDs
The Prisoner - "35th Anniversary Edition 5 DVD Boxset". A 10 DVD set of this late 60's british television series is available in North America but I prefered this Australian import. It was cheaper and on 5 DVDs. This Australian import is available from
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