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Music Video Compilations
Pat Benatar - "Choice Cuts/The Best Of". A little rough around the edges with her earlier videos but generally enjoyable. Includes commentaries by Pat & lead guitarist Neil Giraldo, both in video or audio. This compilation is available from and
Bif Naked - "Essentially Naked". This Canadian greatest hits CD includes a dvd of all of her videos, including her cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It". This compilation is available from and
Bjork - "Volumen 1993 - 2002". This compilation is an updated version of her previous "Volumen" DVD, which was released in 1999 minus seven of her most recent videos : Alarm Call, All Is Full of Love, It's in Our Hands, Nature Is Ancient, Hidden Place, Pagan Poetry, and Cocoon. These videos are also made available on their own DVD, "Volumen Plus (1998-2002)", for those who already own the previous compilation. "Volumen 1993 - 2002" is available from, and
Sarah Brightman - "Diva - The Singles Collection". I was disappointed that it didn't include "All I Ask Of You", a duet with Cliff Richard featured on Phantom Of The Opera. But it is still packed with rich sounds and visuals. Highly recommended. This DVD is available from from and
Crowded House - "Dreaming - The Videos". This compilation was long overdue. A video compilation had been promised since their release of their "Recurring Dreams" greatest hits cd and it only made its way to us fans in 2003. Well worth the wait though. This compilation is available from, and a special package containing both the DVD and the band's greatest hits CD is available from and A Split Enz DVD is also available in Region 0 Pal. Consult the Region 0 Pal listings for details.
Def Leppard - "Hysteria/In The Round, In Your Face". When I first purchased the material included on this DVD, they were released on two seperate VHS videos - One including all off the band's videos up to "Love Bites" and the other being a live video filmed durring a promotional tour for the diamond certified "Hysteria". Being a big Def Leppard fan I was ecstatic when I heard both of these excellent videos were going to be released on one DVD. If you are a Def Leppard fan in the 80's, you must buy this DVD. It's incredible. This compilation is available from,, and
The Eurythmics - "Greatest Hits". Another classic 80's band's video collection. Includes all of their video hits up to "Don't As Me Why" from 1989's "We Too Are One". This DVD can be purchased from, and
Peter Gabriel - "Play". This DVD includes all of his music videos, including the award winning animated classic "Sledgehammer". It can be ordered from, and
Garbage - "Absolute Garbage". Released in conjunction with their "Absolute Garbage" greatest hits compilation, this DVD includes all of their hits and a documentary. From what i've heard it isn't a complete video collection but most fans will ove it anyway. The DVD can be ordered from, and
Glass Tiger - "No Turning Back". Another overdue video compilation from 80's Canadian pop rock sensation Glass Tiger. This compilation is available from and
Corey Hart - "Complete Aquarius Years 83-89". Most people think he's a one hit wonder but he's has numerous hits in Canada, all of which are included on this Canadian DVD, which can be purchased from, and
Honeymoon Suite - "Bed of Nails". Another 80's music video compilation, this time from Canadian rock band Honeymoon Suite. This compilation is available from and
INXS - "I'm Only looking (The Best Of INXS)". A somewhat incomplete but quite acceptable two DVD video compilation from Australian band INXS. Appearently, it's missing "Guns In The Sky", "Dancing On The Jetty" and a few more video featured on Yahoo's Launch but all of the hits are included on this DVD, along with tons of bonus material including behind the scenes documentaries, band commentaries and lots of live performances. This DVD set is available from, and
Sarah McLachlan - "Video Collection 1989-1998". My favorite compilation by a Canadian artist, this DVD includes 15 music videos, from the Canadian version of "Vox" to "Adia". I agree that this is mostly a compilation for her fans but I think many of you will enjoy a few videos like "Building A Mystery", "Sweet Surrender", "Hold On" and "Drawn To The Rhythm". This compilation is available from,, and Also available on Region 0 Pal - Consult Listings Below
Metallica - "1989-2004". An overdue music video compilation from metal pioneers Metallica. This compilation is available from and
The Police - "Every Breath You Take - The Videos". I've been waiting for this DVD for years, since music videos were introduced to DVD. I must have watched it over two thousand times since it was released on VHS in the late 80's. And the DVD includes several documentaries. This DVD is available from,, and
Queen - "Greatest Video Hits I". Featuring the videos from the band's first eight studio albums, this double DVD is actually the first of three DVD sets. It contains the band's most popular tracks plus a few extras from that period, including some alternative videos, some live performances and a documentary on the filming of "Bohemian Rhapsody". This DVD is available from,, and
Queen - "Greatest Video Hits II". This is of course the second part in the series, the third having been scheduled for November 2004. This compilation includes all of their videos from the 80's minus the videos released for "The Game", which are included on the first compilation. This double DVD also includes several interviews, documentaries and bonus features. This DVD is available from,, and
Queen - "Live at Wembley '86". One of the best concert videos i've ever seen and unlike the previous release, it's the whole concert. Includes documentaries, commentaries by the band and more. This double DVD set is available from,, and
Rammstein - "Lichtspielhaus". I've always prefered music videos that someone took some effort in creating and i'd say this german industrial metal band definately has several music videos that qualify as visual masterpieces, including the controversial "Du Hast", "Sonne" and "Ich Will". Featuring twelve music videos and few selected live performances and subtitled german documentaries, this DVD was just recently made available via and
R.E.M - "When the Light is Mine... The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 Video Collection". This compilation includes videos and various performances from the band's I.R.S period, released in response to the demand established by the Warner Bros. complilation released in 2003, entitled "The Best Of R.E.M - 1988-2003". Some fans of their Warner Bros period might find the videos primitive but these are still classic videos, that any 80's music fan would love. "When the light is mine" is available from, and
Roxette - "Ballad & Pop Hits". This compilation features all of this award winning swedish duo's music videos plus a documentary that includes interviews and "making of" footage. This DVD available from, and The Canadian printing of this DVD may have had defects, as reported on but these may have been corrected. An alternative, Region 0 compilation entitled "Complete Collection" is available in my Region 0 Pal listing.
Sloan - "A Sides Win" - Deluxe Edition. The band is finally releasrf a video compilation on DVD, which was included in the Deluxe Edition of their "A Sides Win" greatest hits compilation, on May 3rd, 2005. This bonus DVD will include 14 music videos and extra footage from the band. The deluxe version of "A Sides Win" is available from, and
Weird Al Yankovic - "The Ultimate Video Collection". The king of pop (parody) has released an updated version of his hilarious video collection on DVD ! 24 videos in all. This DVD is available from and Australians can buy a Pal version from
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