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Hungry Eyes

If we were caught in the danger zone 
Deep inside a world's unknown 
Would we ever turn away
If television's all we were told 
It showed us everything too old 
But would we ever turn away

We grew up fast to realize
Your borrowed words can't compromise
Sometimes love won't sympathize
But colour never ever changes your
Hungry eyes

Of we could turn off yesterday 
Remember what we used to say 
Would it be the same, to me

If no one told us right from wrong 
Would they still have to wait so long 
Sometimes love won't compromise 
But colour never ever changes their

Hungry eyes, see forever 
Hungry eyes, I fall inside you

I turned to face another side of me 
Cause once we fall inside, it's forever 
They told us we were wrong 
But they'll never steal our song

Hungry eyes, see forever


Originally from "Alien Shores"

© 1985 TBA Music - Music/Lyrics by Mark Holmes & Sergio Galli 

Compiled by Rob McIntyre