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Platinum Blonde On Video and Film

Platinum Blonde's Music Videos
Doesn't Really Matter - Standing In The Dark -Not In Love
Crying Over You - Situation Critical - Somebody Somewhere
Connect Me - Contact - Fire - If You Go This Time
Magic Roundabout (2002) - Beautiful (2012) - Valentine (2014) - Yeah Yeah Yeah (The Blondes)

Kenny Maclean's Music Videos
Don't Look Back - Rescue Me - In Pieces - Nothing's Forever

Platinum Blonde on Television & Film

14th Annual Juno Awards
(Dec 5th,1984) - Live performance from the Automobile
Building at Exhibition PLace in Toronto.

Rocky Mountain Christmas
(Dec 9th,1984) - Performance

Platinum Blonde (Live In Concert)
Pay TV Performance

Tears Are Not Enough
A special filmed for television and video release in which
Mark Holmes is seen performing during the recording
of the Grammy and Juno Award winning "Tears Are Not Enough"
by The Northern Lights. Scenes from "Doesn't Really Matter"
can be seen on the CBC videocassette. This VHS video has no
catalog number on it for some reason. Excellent video though.

Musique Plus Goes On Air
(Sep 2nd, 1986) - Live Performance

War Of The Worlds : The Second Invasion
Season One - Episode 6 - "Eye For An Eye"
Originally aired Nov 4th,1988, this episode features the band as Alien 
bikers, Mark having obtained a major role in this episode as 
"Red" (a.k.a "Biker #1"), though it should be noted that his 
voice is altered for the role. This series occasionally repeats on Space in Canada
and a script for this episode can be found on
The complete first season of this series is available on DVD
in Canada and The United States.


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