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Gift Card Offer : Factory Direct

Factory Direct stores in Ontario and Winnipeg are offering $100 iTunes multipacks for $89.99 until May 17th, 2015. But subscribers of their mailing list should look in their inbox for a coupon offering $100 iTunes multipacks for $79.99. Click here for details.

Gift Card Offer – Best Buy

Participating Best Buy stores are offering 10% discounts on $50 and $100 iTunes gift cards until May 7th, 2015. Please consult your local flyer for details.

International Record Store Day 2015

It’s International Record Store Day and many independent retailers in Canada will be celebrating the event with sales and other promotions.

This is of course a great opportunity to find the vinyl you’ve always been looking for, or that rare CD that has yet to make it to iTunes. But you can also find memorabilia at some of these local stores like posters, hats, embroidered patches, etc. Or DVD/Blu-Rays featuring live concerts or music videos.

Click here for a listing of participating stores in Canada.

Future Shop Closed

Best Buy has decided to close all Future Shop locations throughout Canada to rebrand half of these stores.

According to their press release and web site, home deliveries from Future Shop’s site will continue through this transition and customers with items on layaway, reserved items and outstanding orders scheduled for store pick-up will be contacted shortly.

An additional investment of $200 million is expected and the company expects to “continue to have a strong store presence in all major markets in Canada” with additional staffing at the current and new locations to handle store to home deliveries.

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