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Campaign To Save Door To Door Deliveries

I’ve been seeing signs for this campaign around my neighbourhood so I thought I’d link it for people who are interested in participating : savecanadapost.ca

FYI – Smart TV Cineplex App

I didn’t find any information online in regards to an issue I was having with the Cineplex App on my Samsung Smart TV so I thought I’d post this information.

I haven’t been able to watch films I’ve purchased online via the Cineplex app for a while now because the app asks to be updated. But the latest version listed is the version I have installed so I contacted Cineplex guest relations who got back to me yesterday.

Apparently they changed content providers and are still updating the app, which is expected to be released by the end of either this month or the next.

I’m hoping to take advantage of their Tuesday specials on rentals again a.s.a.p. But will probably either view Cineplex purchases on my computer or need to visit my local Redbox until the app update is released.

UPDATE: This app has been updated

Oh What A Feeling–The Next Generation

Fans of Canadian music and Canadian History will love this book.

Oh What a Feeling: The Next Generation includes the vast majority of the information found in its 1997 predecessor, which listed the major events of the Canadian music industry chronologically from 1886 to 1995, and extends this history further to 2013.

Additional events from 1886-1995 were added to this version as well as birth and death information, a chronology of Canadian hit songs since 1900 and profiles of the members of the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame since 1978.

This book is available from Amazon.ca and Chapters/Indigo.

Peter Oakley 1927-2014

I have just learned that a member of the Youtube community has passed away and thought I’d post something about him here.

Known as geriatric1927 on Youtube, “The Internet Granddad” had entertained people from all corners of the earth with his nostalgia and humour, this whilst introducing this new communication medium to his generation since 2006.

Having gained notoriety through his 400+ videos, he had worked on several well known projects, including The Zimmers, a cover band featuring elderly vocalists that charted in the United Kingdom. And I thought that his cover of "Old & Wise" would be the best tribute to him here :

Gift Card Offers

Until February 7th, 2014 you will be able to obtain a 15% discount off $50 iTunes Cards at participating Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Please consult your local Shoppers Drug Mart flyer for details.

Petition For Door To Door Delivery

A petition for Canada Post to keep door to door deliveries has been created on change.org and currently has over 120,000 signatures.

Click here for additional information on this petition.