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Trade In Your DVDs At Best Buy

Best Buy Canada will be accepting DVDs for $5 towards the purchase of selected titles from July 20th to August 17th, 2012.

I’m hoping to trade in some of my DVDs. But of course I’m only upgrading some of my collection. It’s rather pointless to upgrade DVDs with little to no scenic or special effect content like dramas and mysteries. And I’ve got quite a collection of music video compilations that will probably not be up-converted.

I will probably consider upgrading some of my live concert videos though, like Pink Floyd’s “Pulse” and Queen’s “Live At Wembley ’86”. But I also have a few that I know will require some serious remastering before being released on blu-ray.

BTW, Queen’s Greatest Video Hits, a boxed set that includes both Greatest Video Hits 1 and 2, will be released on DVD on August 28th, 2012.

AMC Theaters In Canada Converted

The AMC Theaters in Kanata and Whitby have been converted to Empire Theaters whilst the AMC Theaters in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto and Montreal have been converted into Cineplex Odeon Theaters.

Moviewatcher Rewards Cards are no longer valid at these locations.

New Saga CD

Saga has released a new album, entitled “20/20“, and the CD release party is at The Sound Academy in Toronto on Friday night with opening act The David Barrett Trio.

The new CD will be released on July 24th in Canada and the United States.


New Platinum Blonde Single

The new Platinum Blonde single, "Beautiful", is now available from

The Avengers & Hunger Games – Pre-order ?

It appears that Hollywood is no longer waiting for films to leave the theaters before issuing release dates for DVDs and Blu-rays.

A few days back I had discovered that Men In Black III was available for pre-order from amazon.com. And now The Hunger Games and The Avengers are available for pre-order as well.

Spring blockbusters have usually been slated for release during the Christmas season. But it appears they will be released in late summer/early fall.

I guess the earlier release dates can be attributed to the digital film conversion in theaters. It’s much easier to produce blu-rays and DVDs from films that are already in a digital format. The previous 35 mm motion pictures required extensive conversion before they could be made available for distribution on blu-ray and DVD.

Perhaps digital films will be made available for rental or purchase online within weeks of their theatrical release in the near future. Some independent films were already made available during their theatrical run, some on the very day they were released in theaters.

Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia Released

Vol. 1 on Paperback

Vol. 1 on Kindle

The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia was released in paperback and on Kindle.

Authored by Jaimie Vernon this two volume set continues where Rick Jackson’s “Encyclopedia of Canadian Rock, Pop & Folk Music” left off in 1994 and includes information on Canada’s pop scene from 1949 up to 2011.

Each 400 page, alphabetically indexed volume features biographies and discographies for Canada’s most popular recording artists, as well as photographs of these artists. So it is definitely a must for the Canadian music fan.

By the way, the Kindle version can also be viewed online via your browser using Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader and on other devices using one of Amazon’s Free Kindle Reading Apps.