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David Bowie – 1947-2016

A Safe New Years

It’s New Years Eve and it’s time to get back home safety. So why not use the local transit service ? Many of them are free !

Check your local transit service for information.

Available For Pre-Order

That’s right, it’s already available for pre-order from both Amazon.ca, iTunes Canada, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk although no release date has been published yet ; I’m hoping May 4th, myself.

The official soundtrack by John Williams was released yesterday on Amazon.ca and iTunes Canada. And as expected, it sounds great. Can’t wait to see the film…

Cyber Monday Offers

The offers continue, this time for Cyber Monday :

Black Friday Offers

Here are some offers I thought you’d like :

Changes Coming To Cable

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has issued a schedule in regards to the implementation of the “skinny basic” and pick-and-pay cable rules.

By March 1st, 2016 cable providers will be required to offer their basic package at $25, which will include the “must carry” status channels. And by December 1st, 2016 cable providers will be required to offer the remainder of their channels individually or in small packages.

I watch mostly my local networks and on occasion the American networks so my cable bill should drop considerably once my contract with Rogers is over. But I am still looking into foregoing cable entirely and going with an external television antenna.

When Much Music, Musique Plus and the other music video stations aired actually musical content it was worth paying a few bucks a month but i’ve had Youtube/Vevo, iTunes and my music video collection for a while now. And the news, weather and other content that was once exclusive to cable are now online.

VMedia are currently offering their skinny basic package of approximately 30 local and American network channels for $17.95 so perhaps we’ll see some deals before the new year. Hopefully.