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Better Late Than Never

Was sick yesterday so the 35th Anniversary of this album, my very favourite Abba album, completely slipped my mind.

I was ten years old when it was released and although I pretty much hated disco and dance music at the time this album appealed to me for some reason.

I loved every track, from the title track to the live performance of “The Way Old Friends Do”, and couldn’t get enough of the vinyl LP and 8-track.

This was of course also one of my parent’s favourite english pop albums so I grew up listening to it and “Greatest Hits Vol 2”, which was released the year prior to this album’s release. And I believe it was almost as popular here in Canada as it was it Europe, charting at the 6th position.

40 Years of Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

It was released on this date in 1975, the first single off the above album.

It topped the charts in the U.k for nine weeks.

It introduced the world to a new promotional medium – The music video.

It charted again as a single in 1992 in Australia, The USA and U.K because it was featured
in the Wayne’s World soundtrack.

It is one of the most downloaded recordings in rock history with over
3.8 million downloads in the United States alone.

A cover of this single by the Muppets has had over 47 million views on Youtube.

Jagged Little Disappointment

Twenty years have passed since the release of Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”. And to celebrate this anniversary a four CD collector’s edition will be released today.

This boxed set of course includes the original recordings, remastered, ten unreleased demo tracks from that period, the acoustic album that was released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of Jagged Little Pill and a dozen live recordings from a performance recorded at London’s now defunct “Subterranean” rock club. And I’d say this is an acceptable collection, overall. But it is missing something that would have had me running to the store to buy it.

Upon hearing of this release I had hoped her label would consider including a bonus DVD containing all of the album’s music videos and several live recordings. But it appears that they have chosen to pass on another opportunity to do this.

They could have added these music videos to the “Jagged Little Pill Live” DVD in 1999, or “Feast on Scraps” DVD in 2002 or on the bonus DVD included with “The Collection” in 2005. And although I can view them on Youtube i’m still puzzled as to why I can’t purchase all of these videos on iTunes.

I will probably end up purchasing the unreleased demo recordings and a few live performances from the collection on iTunes. But still, I can’t say i’m satisfied with this release because it didn’t include a DVD.

Hoverboard Contest

Do you want to win your own hoverboard, like the one featured in the Back To The Future trilogy ? Well, tough luck cause it isn’t available yet ! 🙂

Amazon.ca is giving away a wine red Gibson ES-335 electric guitar and a copy of the “Back to the Future” trilogy on Blu-ray though.

Legal residents of Canada (excluding residents of Quebec) that are over the age of 18 have until 11:59pm Pacific Time on November 9th, 2015 to enter this contest for the aforementioned grand prize or a first prize of a $100 Amazon.ca gift certificate and a copy of the trilogy on Blu-Ray. Click here for more details.

Contest Time

Newegg.ca is giving away $10,000 in tech and I thought i’d give you guys and gals a heads up.

This Canadian computer retailer is celebrating its 6th anniversary by giving away three gaming desktop packages, one gaming laptop package and various other computer prizes.

The contest is open to Canadian residents outside of the province of Quebec and ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on November 15th, 2015.

Eligible participants can enter once per day and additional details in regards to the prizes and rules can be accessed by clicking here.

Newegg Canada e-Flyer 120x600

Syrian Donation Information

The Canadian government will be matching donations until December 31st, 2015 so I thought i’d link a few sites where donations can be made :