It’s Earth Day. And multiple stores like and have set up shops dedicated to Nature themed and Eco-friendly products.

Being partial to green technology, I love browsing these shops to see the latest gadgets, to see how far consumer products have progressed.

Many LED light bulbs are more efficient than Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and contain no mercury. But their prices remain high. And the newer, cheaper solar cells have yet to be introduced to consumers, unfortunately.

There is some progress in regards to Li-ion batteries though ; I purchased an energy efficient media player last year that offers 50 hours of music playback on a 3 hour charge. And I’m hoping the newer, cheaper solar cells will be added to these products shortly.

Another major seller on Earth Day are documentaries.

Though I love nature documentaries like “March Of The Penguins“, I tend to purchase or rent issue based documentaries like “Blue Gold World Water Wars“, “Food Inc.“, and “Revenge of the Electric Car“. But I dislike documentaries that are dismal and offer no solutions.

I prefer in-depth and productive films, that offer theoretical and hopefully viable solutions to today’s environmental issues. And when I do watch the National Geographic specials or Oasis TV, I generally prefer those that feature oceanic scenery like the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve also recently encountered film company Amos TV, which produces scenic videos that stream to hotels, Google TV compatible devices and select Samsung televisions & Blu-ray players.

Their high definition films are incredible and feature equally incredible instrumentals. And these films are of course available via their official site (AMOS TV – A New Experience in Ambient Media.)

By the way Alliance Films have released special versions of “Food Inc.” and “March Of The Penguins” this month, both of which include plantable seeded inserts.

Some proceeds from the sale of these films will be given to Earth Day Canada for their year round programs.