I’ve decided to add a Security/Online Storage listing because I think it’s quite important for people to secure their computers and backup their most important files.

Many malicious programs are handled by Microsoft and Apple but there are a multitude of software packages that help protect computers from malware, spyware and viruses. And if your computer fails because of these programs or a hardware issue, it’s always great to have backups of your content.

I’ve backed up documents, photographs and videos online on Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, both of which offer free storage. And I’m currently considering getting more space for my future needs from a paid service.

By the way, you may already have access to the aforementioned free services if you have email accounts on either gmail, hotmail or yahoo. And Google currently offers 15 gigs storage for free whilst Microsoft offers 7 gigs and Yahoo offers 2 gigs storage for free.