Almacantar has been released on iTunes in Canada and the United States.

Known primarily for hit singles "Kiss You When It’s Dangerous", "Sincere" and local Ottawa hit "Where’s Bula", this Rupert Hine production had been discontinued, like many 80’s albums in Canada. But I was one of the fortunate few to have secured a new copy of this album on compact disc shortly after it had been discontinued.

I thought it was a shame this album was no longer available so I decided to publish a simple web site called The Almacantar Project to promote its re-release. And this was of course well before the creation of iTunes so I had hoped it would be re-released on compact disc, which I understand may happen next year.

The band is of course no more. But this album’s singles still aired quite regularly in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec since the band had moved on to other projects in the early 90’s so I am sure many listeners will appreciate being able to download the album.