The Canadian dollar is currently hovering at around 75 cents U.S and some economists claim it might drop as low as 70 cents U.S so imports from the states will likely be a bit more expensive for a while. But deals can still be found, provided you shop around and avoid retailers with usually high shipping and handling rates.

Imports valued at less than $20 Canadian are still tax free and American retailers like and Barnes & Noble have some great deals that you can still take advantage of.

Another option would be to import from Europe, which can actually be faster and occasionally cheaper than ordering from the states.

In the past i’ve purchased books, CDs, CD singles and DVDs from Amazon France, Amazon UK, and the now defunct HMV U.k and Tower Records U.k.

Although it should be noted that most of their DVDs and Blu-rays are not compatible with North American Players, some of these are NTSC compatible or region free, so pay close attention to the information provided on the site. And yes, many European releases have yet to make it online or to iTunes so it doesn’t hurt to browse around.

Vinyl fans will also like AMAZON U.k’s selection and affordable shipping rates, for those LPs that can’t be found within Canada.

Basically you can save a few bucks by shopping around and keeping an eye on the exchange rates.