I’m sure quite a lot of you will be enjoying events and concerts through-out Canada today and I thought i’d recommend a few things:

  • Stay Hydrated – Unfortunately many will consider foregoing hydration to retain a position in line or a view of the stage, especially will those long lines at the portable toilets. But dehydration isn’t something to be played with on a hot day so drink plenty of water and watch your alcohol intake.
  • Pack A Small Medical Kit – Better safe than sorry. You can find some that can be thrown in your backpack or pocket.
  • Wear Ear Plugs – They’re cheap, they protect your hearing and they do not hinder your experience.
  • Pack A Lighter Wallet – You won’t need all those cards and documents so why bring them along? All you need is a bank card, a credit card or two and cash. Leave the library cards, security cards and most of your credit cards at home. This will make your wallet thinner and easier to conceal. And you could always hide cash somewhere on your body or use the payment app on your smartphone if it’s an emergency.
  • Consult Your Latest Weather Forecast – Conditions change so it’s best to check the latest local weather forecast just before you leave and pack accordingly. You don’t want to be caught off guard without water, an umbrella, sunglasses and/or sunscreen.
  • Use Public Transit – It’s always best to either take public transit from home or a parking facility closer to the event’s site. And some are offered free, like here in the National Capital Region, so consult your local public transportation’s web site for details.
  • Locate The Nearest Pharmacies To The Event – Some major chains like Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall will have select stores remain open, mainly in the largest cities, and you might want to know where they are, in case you need pain relievers or other things you forgot to pack. You can also save these locations on your phone, in case. And yes, some grocery store chains (like Loblaws, Metro and Whole Foods) will also have select stores open for limited hours as well.
  • Take Your Time – The traffic is always bad after the event. Everyone’s trying to leave at the same time so there’s no point in rushing it.

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