Adobe Hacked

Adobe had been breached and have issued a consumer security alert.

Those of you with accounts at Adobe have probably received emails asking you to reset your password. You may also want to keep an eye out for Phishing attempts by fraudsters claiming to be Adobe and unusual activity on the credit cards you’ve used on Adobe. 

For additional details, consult the consumer security alert linked above.

Security Alert – Java Vulnerabilities

Last week the Department of Homeland Security advised individuals to disable Java in their browsers in response to the release of vulnerability information on the web.

“Web exploit packs” have been sold online enabling amateurs to perform numerous malicious tasks on machines on which Java is installed.

Java has since released an update but the warning remains at Homeland Security.

Adobe Fights Back

Adobe appears to be fighting back against Apple according to Times Online.

They have bought ad space in print and on the web claiming that Apple is trying to limit the consumer’s choices in the manner they create and experience content.

Meanwhile Google and Verizon have decided to create their own tablet computer, to rival the iPad. I guess I might consider that instead.

No Flash for iPad, iPhone & iTouch – Ever ?

Steve Jobs has posted an open letter basically claiming that Apple has moved on from Adobe‘sFlash for their iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

It appears that the company is not interested in providing Flash compatibility on those devices because Steve Jobs considers this technology to be antiquated and less secure in comparison to H.264 and HTML5.

Furthermore he claims that if Flash were implemented that the software required to decode older Flash material would drain resources in these devices, resulting in a significantly reduced battery life.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s chief executive, responded to these claims on a Wall Street Online video.