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Mail Deliveries To Be Reduced ?

It appears that Canada Post is considering a reduction in mail deliveries, down to 3 days a week.

The crown corporation is facing a $327 million dollar operation loss due to advances in technology, like e-mail and online bill payments, and like most national postal services they are trying to adapt as fewer letters and parcels make their way through their system.

Most Canadian consumers these days have their parcels delivered either via courier or to stores for pick-up so reductions in service are likely unavoidable. But I suspect they might need to have a full five day schedule during the Christmas rush in November and December.

Rural residents will likely be the most affected by these reductions, especially those with little to no internet access. But Canada Post is also considering a reduction in postal outlets, so many city residents will also be inconvenienced.

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Canada Post Cuts 1000 Mailboxes

Canada Post has cut 1000 red mailboxes nationwide in response to a 17% drop in the use of “snail mail” according to CTV News. And it appears that more reductions are predicted because many of the remaining 30,000 red mailboxes don’t get mail at all.

Since last year’s postal strike many Canadian consumers have discovered the advantages of eBilling with and many use their local “super mailboxes” instead to mail their letters and small parcels.

Canada Post Warns Customers

Canada Post as issued a press release in response to an email claiming there are discrepancy in pricing between corporate outlets and private postal outlets.

They claim is is false, stating “all 6,000 automated post offices, corporate or dealer, use the same retail point-of-sale system software.”

2011 Holiday Season Suggested Mailing Dates

Canada Post has added their suggested mailing dates for the 2011 Holiday Season to their site. Click here for details.

Canada Post Delays

Canada Post has reported significant delays in their processing of mail. The postal strike had resulted in a backlog of mail, according to their customer relations site.

Postal Services To Resume Tuesday

Canada Post has stated in an email to customers that postal services will be restored Tuesday, the 28th of June, including mail delivery.

“Canada Post has initiated the process to resume operations following the passage of back to work legislation (Bill C-6, An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services). In accordance with the Act, employees will begin to report to work for their regularly scheduled shifts on Monday June 27 and on Tuesday June 28.”

All of the mailboxes will be unsealed on Monday but local post offices will open on Tuesday.