Canadian Television

Do you want your MTV ?

Vevo had created a new service for internet connected televisions, mobile devices and tablets called VevoTV, on which music videos are played randomly.

New and classic music videos from multiple genres are featured on this 24 hour service, whose is currently available to American and Canadian Facebook members. And yes, it can also be viewed on your computer.

I am so tempted to get this…

I used to watch the Kids in the Hall quite regularly on CBC in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s pretty much responsible for my dark humour, along with Black Adder, Father Ted and Monty Python. 😉

This 2006 version of the Kids In The Hall Megaset is on sale at and But a more recent 2011 megaset is also available at, which apparently includes the “Death Comes To Town” mini-series.

CBC Television To Stop Analog Services

CBC Television will be ending their analogue services through-out Canada at the end of this month.

This means individuals that tune into their non-digital Over The Air broadcasts will loose access to CBC and Radio-Canada’s programming.

CBC estimates that this 620 transmitter service reached just 1.7 percent of the population and believes the $10 million expenditure should be diverted to programing.

CBC and Radio Canada will remain accessible on cable and satellite, and are currently broadcasting Over The Air in digital in Canada’s major metropolitan centers.

TVO Documentary on Record Collectors

Just thought I’d bump an interesting documentary on record collectors called “Vinyl“, which will air tonight on TVO at 9 PM Eastern and tomorrow at 12 AM Eastern.

It is also available for viewing online by Canadians via the TVO web site.

Proposed Local Television Levy

I know this isn’t about music but I thought I’d post something about it here.

My local cable provider, Rogers, insists on passing the proposed levy on when quite frankly they could easily absorb most of it, like the blank audio media manufacturers and importers have absorbed the blank audio media levy.

I don’t believe their scare tactics and in the end if push comes to shove I, like many Rogers customers, will move on to off the air broadcasts for my local television, which is free, and use the net as an alternative to time shifting.

By August 2011, I will have access to about thirteen stations in HD quality here in Ottawa, five of which are already on the air and two of which will be on air shortly.

According to TVfool, a site that maps out local television signals, I would need to install an antenna in the attic of my rental unit to get most of my local channels but that would be quite inexpensive and I currently get three channels in my second floor bedroom, crystal clear and at top strength with a simple RCA HDTV Antenna.

Unfortunately I can’t get satellite because outdoor antennas aren’t allowed on my unit. But another option will be that IPTV service Bell will be expanding with their Fibe internet service.

Yes, Bell might consider passing it on as well but they will still try to compete with Rogers. And vice versa if their customers start talking to their customer service about the possibility of lookinf at the competition. Hint ! Hint ! 🙂


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