Tablet Available To Pre-Order Until Oct 26th

Microsofticon will be releasing their new tablet on October 26th and are taking orders.

The Surfaceicon will be powered by Windows 8icon, which looks and operates like the company’s media center software, and will feature a microSD card slot to expand storage by 64 gigs.

It includes a kickstand, the optional cover doubles as a keyboard, and an adapter can be purchased to display content on HDMI televisions and monitors. Additional information is available by clinking this logo :

Microsoft Store

New Tablet Computer From ?

Now that Amazon has rolled out their new Kindle 3G with free WI-FI access, they are now making plans to release their own tablet computer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they are planning to release a new tablet powered by Google‘s Android operating system by October of this year, with another design on it’s way next year.

The Wall Street Journal‘s unnamed source claimed that it will have a nine inch screen and will be manufactured in Asia. But unlike the iPad it may not have a camera, though I personally suspect next year’s model may have one.