News For Echo Owners

Amazon and Apple have come to an agreement in regards to the streaming of Apple Music on Amazon’s Echo devices and Echo owners will be able to stream music from the service as of December 17th, 2019.

Last month Amazon had also agreed to carry official Apple products and accessories.

Indiegogo – ASAP Connect

This new device, called ASAP Connect, enables iPhone and Android device users to plug and unplug their devices easily using magnetic USB connectors that are available in four colours ; Silver, Gold, Rosegold and Gunmetal.

I’ve pre-purchased one for my mp3 player and one for my phone. And I thought you guys might be interested in learning about the technology.

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Another Interesting Device

Aumeo is a device that one uses to alter and customize the sound of music through one’s headphones.

This lightweight device from Hong Kong is currently being offered through an Indigogo crowd funding campaign, where additional information on the device can be found.

Campaign Ends Soon

The Geek Wave crowd funding campaign will end in 15 days.

You have until July 12th, 2014 to take advantage of the US$167 (+US$40 s&h) offer for the Geek Wave 32.

Click here for details.

Security Warning Issued

On Wednesday information relating to the jailbreaking of Apple devices the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch had been published online resulting in a warning that this information could be used maliciously.

This hack of the iOS operating system takes advantage of a security flaw that Apple is currently working to patch for an upcoming update. And security experts through-out the world are warning the users of these devices to be careful opening PDF files, which could contain malicious code.