Future Shop

Future Shop DVD Trade In Offers

Following its sister chain’s lead, Future Shop is also offering to take your old DVD off of your hands in exchange for discounts on a few selected Blu-Ray titles.

This offer will expire on August 16th. But unlike the Best Buy Canada offer several 3D Blu-Ray titles have also been made available at a $10 discount.

Best Buy Wants Lower CD Prices

Billboard reports that Best Buy wants to reduce their CD prices to $9.99 in the states this holiday season but the labels are fighting the $7.25 wholesale price.

Best Buy had reduced the space dedicated to CDs and DVDs in their stores in Canada and the United States.

Free X-Box For Canadian Students

Canadian students that purchase a HP computer from Future Shop or Best Buy will be eligible for a free X-Box.

The HP computer must cost more than $599 and must be purchased by June 30th, 2011. For additional details consult the official Microsoft press release or the Microsoft special offer site.