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In The Mood For Some Indie ?

I have just been sent the Unsigned Only Music Competition 2015 winner listings and quite a few independent Canadian artists and bands have won first place, second place and honourable mention this year :

  • Patrick Lehman – “Games” – First Place / Adult Contemporary
  • Brock Zeman – “Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back” – Second Place / Americana
  • Liz Labele – “Bomb’s Away” – Second Place / Top 40 Pop
  • Willa – “Swan” – First Place / Rock
  • Jules Collarile – “City Lights” – Second Place / Teen

You can listen to samples of the winning compositions and access the honourable mention listings by clicking here. And BTW, they are accepting submissions for 2016.

Canada Day 2012

It’s Canada day so I thought I’d bump some Independent Canadian Artistsicon.

Lately I’ve been partial to electronic pop band Austra but I’ve also been keeping an eye on rock instrumentalists The David Barrett Trio and new wave rockers Metric.

I’ve also recently discovered Young Galaxy, whose catalogue I haven’t yet had the time to listen to thoroughly. But I like what I’ve heard so far on Youtube and their latest single is excellent.

I’ve been meaning to get back into francophone music after hearing Marie-Mai and Cœur de pirate recently. But I’ve unfortunately been quite busy over the past year and a half so I haven’t been keeping track of the music scene in Quebec for some time.

Anglophones may know Cœur de pirate for her Everyday cover on Danone Activia commercials and Ensemble, the song behind this cute viral video.

I’m hoping to find more time to get back to my previous music listening schedule in the next few months. I have quite allot of catching up to do.

BTW, don’t forget to listen to CBC Radio today, which will feature Canadian music all day.