May The 4th

May The 4th Be With You

It’s Star Wars Day at Amazon Canada, Amazon International, Barnes & Noble and Indigo/Chapters. And I can’t wait until the release of “Solo” later this month.

I’m mostly a fan of the original, unadulterated films and their soundtracks, although I did like the very recent films, namely The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Rogue One.

May The 4th – Star Wars Day !

It’s Star Wars Day so I thought i’d give you guys a heads up on the specials that are out there : will of course offer quite a few discounts today on Star Wars blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and toys, as will and Lego.

iTunes is offering up to 50% discounts on Star Wars themed apps and games. And perhaps you can find deals in the States at Alibisicon,, Barnes & Noble,, and Second Spinicon because our dollar is slowly climbing at 79 cents. But don’t forget deals can also be had in Great Britain.

Although our dollar is basically only worth half a British Pound at the moment and their blu-rays and DVDs are not compatible with most North American equipment, you’ll find that some deals can be had at Amazon U.K on t-shirts, posters, memorabilia, etc. And their shipping is generally cheaper and quicker than that of the United States.