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Spotify Coming Soon

Spotify is now taking requests for invites from Canadians.

This Swedish advertisement funded music streaming service will be available on most devices and platforms shortly in Canada.

Click here for details.

Gift Card Offer

Rexall Pharmaplus stores in Ontario are discounting select iTunes gift cards by 15% until July 31st, 2014. 

I believe this discount is only applied on cards valued at $25 or more.  Please consult your local flyer for details.

10% Off Gift Card Offer

Participating Target stores in Canada are offering 10% off all iTunes gift cards, including their music, book and app cards. Please consult your local flyer for details.

Gift Card Discounts

iTunes gift cards are on sale for Father’s Day at participating Staples, Pharma Plus pharmacies and Sobeys grocery stores.

At Staples a discount of 15% is applied on the purchase of $50 and $100 cards until June 17th,2014.

At Pharma Plus and Sobeys a discount of 15% is applied on the purchase of $25, $30, $50 and $100 cards until June 12th, 2014.

Please consult your local flyer for details. And don’t forget, you can also order iTunes gift cards by clicking here as well.

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Google Play Music Comes To Canada

Google Play Music is now available to Canadians.

Canadians can now purchase music from this service and store their music library online in a cloud that can be accessed from computers and Android devices. But users of this service will of course be required to confirm their eligibility by using a credit card or debit card and will be required to install software on their computers and Android devices to access their library, Google Play music purchases and Google Play music subscription.

The price of individual track downloads range from $1.29 to $1.50 on this service whilst their music subscription service costs $9.99 per month ($7.99 prior to June 30th, 2014).

The initial set-up is relatively pain free though I suspect some individuals with low upload speeds will find it a bit time consuming.

Basically the Google Play music software scans your library for items Google doesn’t already have in their catalogue to download from your computer for your cloud and if you happen to have a significant number of these recordings the setup process may take some time.

Of the 2700 or so mp3 and iTunes recordings I have in my player ready directory, the directory where I store my very favourite music for easy transfer to my mp3 player, it recognised about 700. And the program didn’t accept a hundred or so DRM protected recordings so the process took about less than an hour using the highest bandwidth setting.

This means that people with a low upload rate will need to give the program time to download their recordings. But they shouldn’t have a problem doing something else while this happens in the background on a four core computer. And I listen to obscure French recordings so this can account for a large portion of the recordings that were not recognised.

I should also note that most of my recordings have a bit rate of 320 and the average mp3 has a considerably lower rate of 192 or 256. Google Play will likely recognise more of those 192 or 256 bit rate recordings and take less time to download the remaining lower rate recordings. 

Errors in cataloguing were rare in my case. I had issues with a David Foster recording and a duplicate entry for Bjork’s catalogue, both of which included characters that were replaced with Asian fonts. But the rest of my library appears fine. And like on iTunes purchases are automatically added to the cloud when purchased on Google Play.

I will of course be testing the Android software on my tablet over the next few days and posting an entry if I encounter any issues.