New Fee May Hurt Small Clubs

The Calgary Herold reported yesterday that new fees for international performers have been introduced on July 31st, 2013.

Non-Canadian musicians, technicians, sound engineers, crew members and tour managers may now be subject to a $275 fee, per person, per venue. This amount is added to the $150 work permit fee that most of these people are required to pay to work in Canada.

Prior to the introduction of this fee most bands were subject to a maximum of $450 to play Canada’s smaller venues. But now the fees have quadrupled for some international acts resulting in extra expenditures that will be passed along to consumers.

This new fee will also hurt new and upcoming international performers who have not yet gained enough of an audience in Canada to play the larger venues, some of which are tax exempt.

A petition against the implementation of this fee is available at Please consider signing this petition.

Thank You.

Random Bump – A Street Cat Named Bob

I happen to run into this title whilst browsing Youtube. It’s about a real life chance encounter by a orange tabby named Bob and a London street musician, who was a recovering heroin addict when the two met.

This 2012 U.K bestseller has just recently been released on paperback and as an iBook.

A Street Cat Named Bob - James Bowen