Special Offer – The Avengers

An offer like that of the MIB III offer mentioned yesterday on this blog is available from Amazon.com, this time for a discount towards The Avengers movie tickets.

The offer, which is available to Canadians and Americans, requires a purchase of a specially marked DVD which includes a code that can be redeemed for up to $12 off a single ticket purchase.

When the DVDs are purchased from Amazon.com, the codes are sent by email 48 hours after the orders are shipped.

Similar offers are also available at Future Shop locations through-out Canada on many Marvel cartoon DVD titles, for a limited time only. And in Canada the discounts can be applied to tickets at Cineplex Theaters.


More Boxing Week Specials

Amazon UK, Chapters.indigo.ca and HMV UK have just gone online with their Boxing Week or post-Christmas deep discount sales.

Boxing Week Starts

Amazon.ca and iTunes icon have decided to start their Boxing Week sales early.

At Amazon.ca they’ve slashed prices on DVDs & Blu-rays, Books and Software, and iTunesicon are not only are they offering music downloads at 69 centsicon but offering HD film downloadsicon for as low as $4.99.

Boxing Week sales at Sears.ca and Tigerdirect.caicon have also begun, so I wont be waiting in line tomorrow morning.

Black Friday Week Deals

The Black Friday sales have begun at Amazon.ca , Amazon.com, Amazon UK , “Discovery Channel Store”, EntertainmentEarth.com, JR.comicon, Musician’s Friend, Tigerdirect.caicon and Tigerdirect.comicon.

The rest of the online retailers I buy from appear to be waiting for Friday itself to offer up their Black Friday sales.