Tools To Check Your Internet Speed

Whenever I think my internet is slowing down I use But it appears that Google have decided to create their own testing site after receiving complaints about Youtube videos lagging.

You can access your internet provider’s video quality report by clicking here.

Rogers Ends Throttling

CBC Television reports that Rogers will end throttling by the end of this year.

Their internet traffic management will be phased out slowly beginning next month.

Bell To End Throttling In March

Bell Canada has sent a letter to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission stating they will end their Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP) on March 1st, 2012.

In this letter the company claims P2P traffic has been diminishing in comparison to other traffic, some of which was misclassified as P2P traffic according to The Canadian Gamers Organization.

Bell To Phase Out Throttling

Bell has stated that they would be phasing out throttling in a letter to its business partners :

“Effective November 2011, new links implemented by Bell to augment our DNS network may not be subject to Technical Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP).”

The letter then continues to mention that there will be higher speeds for users, including users who use peer to peer services.

Is Your Internet Provider Net Neutral ?

Does your internet provider throttle traffic to and from legitimate sites because of favoritism ? Are they trying to steer you to specific sites by slowing down connections to and from those other sites ?

Internet providers are supposed to be neutral. But of course how does someone find out when they aren’t ? They certainly wont admit to doing it and no technology exists to analyze their transfers. Right ?

Well, researcher Dan Kaminsky has been working on a program called N00ter to do this.

Basically it times transfers to and from sites using different methods and compares the resulting information to find throttling.

Additional information on this new program can be found on Forbes.