Windows 7

Delays, Delays, Delays

I had planned to start doing more on the blog side of this site last week but unfortunately I was sidetracked by family illness, pain from dental surgery and a cold. And now my Windows 7 machine, which had worked fine since I purchased it in late 2009, is starting to get buggy.

The Desktop Window Manager issue has appeared. This program randomly shut of causing my monitor to flicker and the Aero window transparency to turn off and on, randomly.

This is rather annoying and I’ve tried all of the fixes, including forcing Aero by editing the registry. In the end the best solution for me was to just go with a “Basic and High Contrast Theme” on personalization, which isn’t a big loss really. It looks fine and it appears to be better on the resources.

If I ever get another Windows 7 machine I’ll probably drop Aero. But then I digress.

I’m hoping to get back into posting more regularly here by November, especially about Bill C-11. The debate is on and the opposition is multiplying to the digital lock provisions.

Quick Fix For Windows 7 Audio Problem

I think Windows 7 is great but once every two months or so I run into a problem : The audio stops working from boot-up.

I have an Acer Aspire X1800 with HDMI connected to a Toshiba HDTV and sometimes when I boot up and start playing music or a video on Youtube no audio comes out.

Well, it appears that placing your computer in sleep mode for a few seconds fixes this problem.

I guess one of my audio drivers isn’t loading up properly. I’m assuming it’s one of the drivers that handle the HDMI audio because my speakers are connected to my HDTV and not my computer itself.

But of course it isn’t much of an issue because it happens so rarely. I’m sure Microsoft will get to the issue soon as well.