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This portion of this archived site will no longer be updated. Please refer to my blog for more recent information.
What Is This Site About ?
This site is primarily dedicated to Canadian sources for music but you will also find a listing of Foreign sources for Canadian music and various other useful information, most relating to ordering music by mail and Canadian Music.

How do I use this site ?

You'll notice that a menu can be found on the left of your screen. Just click on what you're looking for. For example, if you want a full national listing, click on "In Canada", under the words "The Sources". And if you were looking for the sources in your province, click on the apropriate initials under "By Province". You can also explore any option in the menu and then return to the main index by clicking on the logo on top of the menu.

How does one submit a Canadian source to your site ?
Canadian dealers may submit their information by e-mail.
How does one submit an International source to your site ?
I am no longer accepting additional international sources or sites.
How much does it cost to get listed ?
Listings are free but I am only providing banner services to a limited number of companies with whom I have affiliated or associated this site.

This site is brought to you In association with, In association with and In association with This site is also affiliated or associated with or participating in banner reward programs operated by Archambault,,, Playcentric, Tower Records UK, Tower Records USA and Videoflicks.
How does one submit a Canadian link to your site ?
Labels, associations and sites related to Canadian Music are welcome to send their information to me by e-mail. A link from your site would be appreciated.
Will you add my banner/graphic to your site ?
I am currently only adding a limited number of graphics to my site, mostly from affiliated sites. But I may have rotating banner advertisements later on.
How often do you update your Site/CD Club FAQ ?
I add information to the site and Canadian Appendix whenever it comes up or whenever someone sends this information to me. Information on possible sources CD club s&h changes, etc would be appreciated. Please send this information to me via e-mail.
Will Columbia House's Video club information be added
to your Canadian Appendix soon ?
No. The Canadian Appendix was written for the CD Club FAQ, a document whose subject is only Compact Disc clubs. Additional information on that club is available at Columbia House Canada's official site though.
Are you interested in anything other than Canadian Music ?
Yes but note that I do not want to receive unsolicited commercial email on ANY subject, especially pornography and get rich schemes, nigerian type scams and pyramid spams

Please refrain from sending unsolicited commercial email to any email address found on Thank you.

Do you have any tips and other information
relating to ordering music by mail order and/or on the net?
Definately. My Music By Mail Order FAQ in Articles/Reviews contains some basic information on ordering music by mail, on the net and information on importing to/from Canada. You can also access information on ordering DVDs here.
I have additional Questions and/or Suggestions.
How does one submit these ?
You can submit your questions, suggestions and general comments to me by e-mail.I will try to respond to any feedback a.s.a.p. Thanks for your interest.
Important Statements & disclaimers
Use of this site and any information on this site is conditional. Access to is granted provided the user agrees that he/she will not consider the author of this site liable for any illegal act by any of the businesses listed on this site, as these listings should not be considered as endorsements. By accessing this site, a user agrees to the above statement.

No unsolicited commercial email will be accepted by nor any associated email addresses. The domain,, is not receptive to unsolicited commercial advertisements and is not to be added to any mailing list whose recipients receive commercial advertisements by email. Use of this domain in any list relating to the receptiveness of spam is fraudulent.

Sale of information provided on this site, including email addresses and dealer information is prohibited. No information may be duplicated on other sites or sold without permission. Some images are copyrighted and are not to be distributed or used on other sites. The domain,, will not condone unsolicited commercial advertisements in any way. Dealers known to send unsolicited commercial advertisements will not be listed and/or will have their listing considered for removal.
Copyright 2006 Rob McIntyre
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