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I just thought you’d like to know that Canada Post warns people of service disruptions via their official site: Click here for this information.

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Neil Peart 1952-2020

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New Year – New Decade

If I were to use one word to describe the decade’s music it would probably be “underwhelming”.

I am quite disappointed in regards to the lack of artistry and innovation, having expected a new rock subgenre to emerge from the political and economic turmoil that occurred during this decade as it had in previous decades.

Where was this decade’s heavy metal, new wave or grunge?

Couldn’t someone have come up with something palatable to the pop music consumer, to give us a break from the interminable, inane, repetitive, juvenile saccharine?

Yes, we did get Rammstein’s self-titled studio album last May and a few promising rock acts released albums and singles in the decade, like Ghost, Muse, Disturbed and Arcade Fire. But the 2000s had much more when it came to rock.

Perhaps the genre has stalled and is collapsing due to a lack of investment by the major record labels, who now appear to only be interested in packageable media assets and not recording artists that compose their own material, like those that I grew up on in the ’70s and ’80s.

The record labels of my youth have merged into media conglomerates so I’ve got to wonder if someone will ever decide to invest in anything that swims against the current.

I guess all we can’t do is wait and hope.

It’s Boxing Day Time

Boxing Day deals have already begun at Canadian retailers like 123ink.ca, Amazon Canada, Best Buy Canada, Canada Computers, chapters.indigo.ca, Living.ca, Microsoft Canadaicon, Newegg Canadaicon, Prime Cables Canada, Sonos Canada, Staples Canada and thesource.ca. But you’ll need to wait until Boxing Day itself for deep discounts at Amazon U.k and Sheet Music Plus if you were planning on importing music, sheet music, DVDs and Blu-rays from “across the pond”, although you could still browse those shops to see if they have discounts on certain products today.

Year-end deals can also be found in the United States at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, the later primarily in their CD & Vinyl and Movies & TV departments. And if you’re looking for collectibles, like figurines and other memorabilia, Entertainment Earth is having an After Christmas Sale.

Happy shopping.

Warning From Canada Post

If you’re shipping parcel from their postal outlets, they are recommending sending these off today if you want them to be received before the 25th.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were quite popular this year in Canada so you’ll notice that they’re renting vans in some areas to handle the extra shipments generated by those sales.

Click here for this year’s suggested shipping dates from Canada Post

By the way, you should consider installing the Honey app to your tablet and smartphone this year for the latest coupon codes and free gift card offers. A browser add-on is also available, which keeps track of price reductions on amazon.ca and amazon.com.

You add the products you want to a “droplist” and when the price of a particular product drops by the percentage you’ve chosen, you get notified via your browser and by email.

I’ve taken advantage of the Honey browser extension this Black Friday and Cyber Monday and saved a few bucks. I also got a few Gold points from my eBay and Bed Bath & Beyond purchases, which can be redeemed for gift cards.

I hope this helps you save some time and cash. Enjoy.

Marie Fredriksson 1958-2019

When it comes to Swedish pop and rock, three names come to my mind; Abba, Europe and Roxette.

Through-out the ’80s and ’90s, I’ve enjoyed all three, particularly Roxette, with their ballads, which were heavily featured on Canadian music video networks Much Music and Musique Plus during this period and into the new century.

The above playlist features my very favourite music videos from Roxette, starting with the video that got me hooked, “Listen To Your Heart”, and ending with their music video debut, “Never Ending Love”.