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Greetings fellow music consumers and welcome to the buymusic.ca blog.

Here you will find various information relating to the purchase of music online and by mail, as well as sheet music, music instruments and memorabilia.

I will also be posting various commentaries and reviews in regards to these services and various related issues.

To begin either click on an option in the menu to your left, which features various source listings, or scroll down for my blog entries. And if you are aware of a Canadian music retailer or record convention or fair that I have missed, please contact me with details.

Thanks. And Enjoy.

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Added Links To Pass The Time

Added a few links to my Links To Pass The Time blog entry, including musictogether.ca, where one can view live performances.

Netflix & Crave Update

You may observe a reduction in video quality on Netflix and Crave due to the unprecedented demand for those streaming services.

Both services have decided to reduce their resolutions in response to this demand and the other Canadian services may do so as well shortly.

More Closures and Cancelations

All music stores in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec have been ordered closed by Midnight, tonight. Please contact your local stores for alternative delivery options.

The Record Fair that was scheduled for May 31st in St.John’s, Newfoundland has also been cancelled. And the 22nd Ottawa Community Record Show has also been postponed and will not occur on the 3rd of May.

Links To Pass The Time

Here’s a list of a few resources for free music, audiobooks, ebooks, etc:

Free previews are also available to new customers from Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services. And I may add additional links in the next few days.

Enjoy. And be safe.

Closures & Reduced Hours

Sunshine Records has decided to close its stores and fulfilment center, so online orders have been suspended by the chain.

Indigo Book stores are also now closed but online orders are still being processed, with free shipping until March 31st, 2020.

Best Buy locations will remain open for their reserve and pick-up services. They are also still shipping from their web site.

Archambault stores are remaining open in Quebec, as are Bad Boy locations in Ontario but I suspect they will reduce their hours shortly as Long & McQuade has.

Many independent record stores have decided to close throughout Canada. Please consult their respective websites and Facebook groups for details.

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