Music Industry

Vinyl Outsells CDs in the United States

NPR has just reported that vinyl records have outsold CDs for the first time since 1987 ; 41 million units sold in 2022 compared to 33 million CDs, regardless of the vinyl shortage that occurred that year.

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Jack White Appeals To The Labels

In 2021, vinyl sale revenue grew by 61% in the states to a Billion Dollars according to the Recording Industry Association of America. But the major labels don’t have their own pressing plants, regardless of vinyl’s ever growing popularity. And unfortunately album pressings are delayed here in Canada as well.

Hopefully there won’t be any delays for Record Store Day on April 24th.

Six Hours of Canadian Indie Music

* Viewers discretion advised. And all that crap! 😉

Rockin The Field of Minnedosa

Lots of Canadian bands so I thought i’d bump this event. Click here for details.

New Music Nation Lives!

New Music Nation will premiere online today at Noon eastern. And it will feature independent artists and their music videos, with emphasis on the Canadian industry, so don’t forget to tune in.

Much Music?

As you may or may not know, a campaign was organized by former Much Music personality Ed The Sock (also known as Steven Kerzner) to resurrect a more independently driven Much Music under the name “New Music Nation“. And that this Indiegogo campaign was successful, surpassing its goal of $35,000┬áby May 1st.

The above tweet has nothing to do with this campaign.

It’s been eight years since music was pulled off the channel and quite frankly I don’t think I will like a channel featuring the heads of pretty people reacting to music videos, which I suspect this zombie of a channel will be.

As a big fan of the original network, I will give it a chance. But I have serious doubt that their key demographic, millennials on TikTok, will want to watch the variety of genres featured on the previous Much Music. And I suspect the new content will feature the aforementioned reaction shots or multiple TikTok personalities dancing to the same material, in practically the same way.

The channel described in today’s press release just doesn’t sound as appealing as it should and I don’t know how independent rock and metal from Canada would fit in that environment, in comparison with the New Music Nation (which is set to debut on Canada Day).

I guess all we need to do is wait and see what they do with their revived programs. But i’m skeptical in regards to the remaining content, the snippets of TikTok simply not being my cup of tea.