Zellers is back online and in select Hudson Bay stores in Canada. And of course i’m interested in seeing what they have for audio fans.

The online store has just opened so nothing is being offered when it comes to home entertainment appliances, but a limited amount of cell phone and vlogging accessories can be found on the site, as well as a very small selection of licensed toys, although the licensed merchandise catalog is still offline.

They just opened so i’m expecting them to expand their catalog beyond their limited selection of home furnishings, clothing and retro merchandise. And who knows, maybe they’ll have a vinyl section soon now that sales of this format have skyrocketed back past CD sales.

I don’t see them opening stores full of vinyl, like yesteryear, but we might see online ordering and pickups. One can hope…

By the way, if you are interested in purchasing something from the store, Rakuten is offering 1% back on purchases at Zellers because they’re under the Hudson Bay banner.

Here is an offer for new members. And I believe you can get 20% off by paying with a Mastercard using this coupon until the 24th.