Multiple events of interest to music collectors will occur this weekend in Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia:

Although Winnipeg Comicon is not a record convention, I thought i’d mention this event because it features memorabilia and collectibles form music, film and television.

This event lasts from October 27th to October 29th 2023 at the RBC Convention Center in downtown Winnipeg and ticket prices vary. The nearest bus stops are one block south at the corner of Broadway and Cariton Street (#10592/#10587). Additional information on transit in the area is available from Winnipeg Transit.

A vinyl pop-up will be hosted by the Clifford Brewing Company in Hamilton, Ontario from 6pm to 10:30 pm on Saturday, October 28th, 2023.

Admission is free and the nearest bus stops are #1215 and #1258, which are located a 9 minute walk south at the corner of Barton St. E and Nash. Please contact the City of Hamilton Transit Authority for additional information.

Music, television and film collectibles will also be available at the Belleville Comicon at the Royal Canadian Legion in Belleville, Ontario from 10am to 3pm.

Admission will be $5 (free for kids under 12) and the Belleville Bus Terminal is located a free feet away, across the street from the Memorial Market Place, which is next to the venue. Consult the City of Belleville website for additional information.

The London Record Show will be at the lower level of Centennial Hall this Sunday, the 29th of October 2023, from 11am to 4pm.

Admission will be $5 and this venue is located behind London City Hall, which is services by bus stop numbers 535 and 1936. Consult London Transit for details.

The Record Show at the Vancouver Flea Market will also occur this Sunday, from 10am to 3pm.

Admission is $5 and the venue is an 11 minute walk East from the Main Street-Science World station. There are also bus stops near the Flea Market, #51354 and #51276. Consult Translink for details.

And remember, vendors usually prefer cash. Enjoy your weekend.

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