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To buy stuff click on the appropriate menu option to your left. And don’t forget to read the Various FAQ for additional information on purchasing goods online in Canada, Blu-rays/DVDs, vinyl and their accessories.

By the way, here is a list of retailers that used to be listed on this site but have since closed and have been removed from the listings:

  • Around Again Records
  • Atlantic Canadian Music
  • The Attic Owl Bookshop
  • Black Swan Records
  • Back Porch Music
  • CD Plus
  • CD Warehouse
  • Charlie’s Downhome Music
  • Classic Recordings
  • Criminal Records
  • Damuzz
  • EMI Music Canada
  • HMV Music Canada
  • Indiepool
  • The Madrigal
  • Maritime Trading Company
  • Meow Records
  • MEM Records
  • O’Brien’s Music Store
  • Penguin Music
  • Revolution Games & Music
  • Rhino Records Canada
  • Scratch Records Canada
  • Sillons Le Disquaire
  • Trente Sous Zero/Thirty Below
  • Too North Records
  • Vinyl Diner CD & Records