Early Prime Day Offers

Although Prime Day is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of July this year, there are offers available now from Amazon and Prime Video, the later being film rentals at $2.99 and lower.

Details are available at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com. And yes, Canadians with a prime membership in the states can take advantage of the offers at the latter. But you can only use the free shipping offers there for American addresses, which is fine if you have a lot of friends and relatives in that country. Or if you have a second residence or vacation home there.

I believe Americans can also purchase a prime membership here in Canada to ship some of their Amazon.ca orders within Canada.

Canadian Tire/Apple Offer

Participating Canadian Tire stores are offering $5 in CT Money for every $50 Apple Gift Card purchased in their stores until June 30th, 2022. Please consult your local flyer for details.

Apple Gift Card Offer

Participating Real Canadian Superstores are offering 5000 bonus Optimum points on purchases of $50 Apple Gift Cards until Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022. Consult pcoptimum.ca for details.

Netflix / Optimum Offer

Optimum Points members can obtain 7500 bonus points when purchasing $50 gift cards for Netflix and Uber at participating Shoppers Drug Mart stores from Saturday, the 11th of June to Friday the 17th of June, 2022. Click here for more details.

Rakuten Kobo Canada

eBay Purchases Subject to Taxes

Canadian eBay buyers should note that their Canadian purchases and purchases of digital downloads will be subject to taxes as of July 1st, 2022.

Purchases from Canadian retailers on eBay were already subject to the HST or GST and provincial sales taxes but taxes will be now extended to any purchase shipped from a Canadian address and digital product sales.

Unfortunately, First Nations buyers and businesses that have resale and/or provincial exemptions will be required to submit requests to the Canadian Revenue Service and/or provincial tax office for rebates and/or refunds.

Imports will be subject to the usual taxes, custom fees and exemptions.

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Amazon Issues Warning

Amazon had issued a warning to their customers in response to the Amazon scam.

Basically, this is how the scam works:

  1. The scammer contacts an intended victim by email or by text message or via a fake Amazon web site saying something was charged to their account, providing a toll free number in the hopes that their intended victim will be confused and call.
  2. When an intended victim calls, he or she is told someone had placed an order and ask if a refund is required.
  3. The intended victim is then asked to log onto their computer and install a program that enables the scammer to access this computer.
  4. The scammer then asks for their victim to enter their Amazon login information and/or bank login information on their computer, which can be captured by the scammer for later use.
  5. The scammer then alters the sites accessed and misrepresents an overpayment for the refund, claiming an error was made on their victim’s end, requiring the “extra” funds to be sent to back to him or her, usually in the form of gift cards.
  6. The victim, which is predominantly targeted due to their age, is then coerced to purchase these gift cards using their own funds and are either asked to provide information from these cards or to send it to an intermediary that can not easily be found to be prosecuted.
  7. Finally, the funds are then either obtained from these gift cards by the scammer or the gift cards are sold by the intermediary, some of the funds of the sale being sent to the scammer using methods that may be untraceable.

As the above email confirms, Amazon will never ask for repayment by gift card, nor will they ask you for access to your computer or bank account. And they certainly wouldn’t hire people to scream at their customers using foul-language, nor would any legitimate company the scammers might use to perform this scam.

This scam is also not only dependent on a victim’s lack of knowledge in regards to technology, but the shame endured by the victim, which usually results in the victim failing to discuss or disclose his or her’s victimization to family, friends or the authorities.

To report any issue related to this scam, you can click here to contact Amazon.ca or click here to contact Amazon.com. You can also file a complaint with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, which has been made aware of the scam via the RCMP in Manitoba in 2018. And please discuss this issue with your friends and relatives, to help curb this abuse.

Thank you.