Adverts on Netflix?

It appears that Netflix may be introducing an advertisement sponsored tier to their subscription options shortly.

This new tier is rumoured to be scheduled for introduction at the end of 2022 and is in response to the mass subscriber losses suffered by Netflix that were recently reported by Variety, which believes another larger wave of subscribers will be pulling the plug.

Hopefully this will be done in an unobtrusive manner, by adding unanimated adverts to the main page, when one browses the titles, and on those reminders that ask you if you want to keep watching. But I suspect they will add adverts prior to the film, halfway in the film, and during the end credits, which could annoy some people if they’re more than 30 second long and run over bonus content.

If a 30 second advert ran in-between the episodes of a series, i’d be fine with that. But I don’t think I would personally like the momentum of an episode interrupted halfway, especially when the episode is 45 minutes or less.

Another option would be clickable adverts, placed strategically in the menus, with special offer coupons exclusive to Netflix that would appear on the screen prior to a film or episode. I wouldn’t mind those running on my paid subscription.

Basically they’re going to need to thread softly and consult with their customers, especially if they’re going to ask for people to both pay for a subscription and still be subjected to adverts.

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Bye Bye iPod

Apple has decided to discontinue the iPod Touch and re-direct its customer to other products that provide access to Apple Music according to a press release that was released today.

The first iPod had been introduced on October 23rd, 2001 whilst the first iPod Touch was introduced on September 2007 but most consumers have recently shifted to listening to music via other Apple products, like the Apple Watch and iPad so they decided to stop manufacturing them.

The remaining stock will we sold at Apple stores and online, including on and

Roku Update

Apple Music is now available on Roku devices and Smart TVs. And will soon offer access to your iTunes library ; I’ve tried accessing my iTunes library but I haven’t been able to so I guess it’s a feature they’re working on.

Click here for today’s press release from Roku.

Red Cross Donations Matched

SGI Canada will be tripling donations to the Canadian Red Cross until May 18th, 2022.

You can click the following URL to donate :

Record Store Day – Tomorrow

Don’t forget to visit your local record stores tomorrow. Several special releases will me made available, most of which will be limited edition vinyl singles and LPs.

Sennheiser (Canada) Inc.

Jack White Appeals To The Labels

In 2021, vinyl sale revenue grew by 61% in the states to a Billion Dollars according to the Recording Industry Association of America. But the major labels don’t have their own pressing plants, regardless of vinyl’s ever growing popularity. And unfortunately album pressings are delayed here in Canada as well.

Hopefully there won’t be any delays for Record Store Day on April 24th.