The Canadian Appendix of the CD Club FAQ
Section I - Columbia House Music Canada
Section II - BMG Music Service Canada (CLOSED MAY 2000)
Section III - CDHQ Canada
Section IV - Misc Information/Tips
No more new member applications
are being accepted at CDHQ Canada.
New members are simply being
forwarded to Columbia House Canada.

CDHQ Canada

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III.CDHQ (Canada)
    P.O Box 4000 STN D
    Scarborough, Ontario
    M1R 5M9
    Customer Service : (416) 293-6300
    FAX              : (416) 293-1760
    Email            :
    Online Catalog   :
    Add. Contact Info: 24h Automated Order Line (416) 293-3472
A. Compiled by Rob McIntyre (
-- Standard Deal
CDHQ is no longer accepting new membership applications. People wishing to join are simply forwarded to Columbia House Canada. No news on if Columbia House will have offers similar to that of CDHQ.
-- Membership Agreement
Similar to the defunct BMG Music Service, this company offers a number of selections free, requiring a member purchase one cd at regular CDHQ club prices ($15.98 to 19.98) to redeem a certificate for the remaining four free selections, this mandatory purchase furfilling the member's agreement with the company. Like BMG, a shipping and handling charge is billed for each selection ($2.99).
-- Breakdown (without taxes)
("12 CDs for the price of 1" offer)
Cost of first seven CDs (s&h)                      ----  $  20.93  -
Cost of mandatory purchase at $18.98 per CD        ----     18.98  -
Cost of shipping and handling for mandatory CD     ----      2.99  -
Cost of shipping and handling for remaining 4 CDs  ----     11.96  -
-------------------------------------------------------  --------  -
Total                                                    $  54.86  -
Divided by number of CDs obtained                            d 12  -
-------------------------------------------------------  --------  -
Per CD price                                             $   4.57  -
-- Additional Discounts
(subject to change)
Many discounts, the most prominent being half price sales with the purchase of one cd at regular clubs prices (available immediately with first purchase) and occassionally offers in which members can obtain one or two free selections after the purchase of a regularily priced selection (at times with further discounts on additional purchases).
-- Shipping and handling
(subject to change)
$2.99 for first selection, $2.49 for additional selections $1 for additional unit in multiple set (ex. $3.99 for double CD).
-- Returns
Only unopened CDs sent within 30 days or receipt are accepted, the return parcel containing an explaination for it's return. Defective selections will be exchanged.
Unwanted parcels should not be opened. These can be sent back to the company by writing "Return to Sender" on the parcel, preferably inbetween the return address and your address, in bold, clear text.
-- Cancelation of Membership and Positive Response Program
A member may cancel his or her membership after completing their agreement by requesting a cancelation in writing.
Members who spent more than $100 (not including tax) can ask CDHQ to transfer their account to their positive response program.
Copyright 2001 Rob McIntyre