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The Canadian Appendix of the CD Club FAQ
Note that this site is in no way associated to Columbia House Canada
Section I - Columbia House Music Canada (CLOSED DEC 2010)
Section II - BMG Music Service Canada (CLOSED MAY 2000)
Columbia House Canada Is Closed

CH Canada

Official Site CLOSED DEC 2010

I. CHcanada.com
Columbia House Canada Closed In December 2010

A. Compiled by Rob McIntyre (rob_mcintyre/excite.com)
-- Introduction
Columbia House Music Canada has been replaced with a retail site with membership requirements at CHcanada.com in February 2009. There are no free selections upon joining like the previous club and the new club will not accept applications from Quebec residents but they have reduced the price of many of their CDs to priced like that of a big box retailer.
-- Standard Deal (Online Offer)
One time fee of $5.99, waived on introductionary offer via web site. All items are taxed, GST and where applicable, PST. Some Maritime province customers are subject to HST (instead of the GST and PST).
-- Membership Agreement
Purchase two CDs, DVDs, Video Games or Calenders every year of membership. Many are priced as low as $5.99.
-- Breakdown (without taxes)
Hard to determine a per unit cost like I did with the previous Columbia House Music Club. It depends on what is purchased. But most Pre-Ordered DVDs are $18.99 and most New Releases on DVD are $19.99. New Releases on CD start at $12.99.
-- Additional Discounts
There appears to be quite a few specials on the web site, and as i've mentioned before a member can fulfill their membership requirements with purchases for as low as $5.99 (plus s&h and tax).
-- Shipping and handling
(subject to change)
$1.99 per disc in orders of one to two discs, $5.99 flat rate on orders contain three of more discs. Expedited shipping available from $12.95 on orders below $60 and $20.95 for orders over $300.
-- Payments
A valid, Canadian issued credit card is required to join the club and to order selections. They accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa.
-- Returns
Selections that are faulty or have been damaged durring shipping may be returned within 30 days with an explaination. Shipments resulting from errors can also be returned withing 30 days with an explaination only if the CD is not opened.

CH reserves the right to cancel anyone's membership if they decide the member has "an excessive number of returns". Unwanted parcels should not be opened. These can be sent back to the company by writing "Return to Sender" on the parcel, preferably inbetween the return address and your address, in bold, clear text, though it should be noted that these incidents are less likely to happen now with the new CH, where members are not required to send reply cards in unless they wish to place an order.
-- Cancelation of Membership and Positive Response Program
CH only accepts requests for a cancelation after a member has fulfilled the membership agreement for within 12 months of joining. A positive response program is not being offered by the new CH because they no longer perform automated shipping/billing nor do they issue reply cards.
Note that this site is in no way associated to Columbia House Canada
Copyright 2009 Rob McIntyre