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General Information
  • This privacy policy is that of and only. It's jurisdiction is therefore limited to these domains.
  • Any message board found on these domains are subject to the terms and conditions established on the message board itself.
Personal Information
  • This site conforms to the guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
  • This site does not collect personally identifiable information nor does it distribute such information to a third party
  • Contact information submitted in conjunction with a listing request may be subject to publication on this web site but such information will be limited to retailers and private sellers.
  • This site does not use cookies but may in conjuction with the operation of a message board in the near future. Specific information relating to these cookies will be made available on the message board itself.
  • Use of this site may result in cookies originating from the retailers listed on this site.
  • Third party cookies originate from outside and and are therefore not subject to this policy.
UCE (aka "Spam")
  • This site is a participant in the Stop Spam Here campaign and will therefore never participate in unsolicited commercial email advertising.
  • This site does not collect or store email addresses for any mailing list.
  • Responses to any request for information may include links to information or products that relate to the original request
Additional Information
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