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Name of Label/Distributor Information
Alert Music Indie label - Rock/Pop/Jazz
Alleged Iguanna Indie label - Pop/Electronica/Jazz
Analekta Indie label - Classical
Attack Records Indie distributor
Audiogram Records Major label - Rock/Pop/Alternative/World/Rap
Barely Legal Records Indie label - Rock
Borealis Records Indie label - Folk
Boshke Beats Records Indie label - Techno
Bullseye Records of Canada Re-Issues - Indie Distributor
CBC Records Classical music
Capcan Music Indie label/distributor - Misc genres
Captain Records Indie label - Pop/Dance
Chacra Music Indie label - New Age/World
Crunch Fly Records Indie label - All genres
Disques Atma Records Indie label - Classical
Disques Bros Records Indie label - Folk/Blues/World
Distribution Select Distribution Indie Distributor/Label - French/English
Disques Star Records Indie label - Rock/Pop/Country/Instrumental
Disques Victo Records Indie label
Dog My Cat Records Indie Label - English
Dog Star Music Indie label - All genres
Donald K. Donald Group Multiple indie labels - All genres
EMI Music Major label/distributor - All Genres
Endearing Records Indie label
The G7 Welcoming Committee Indie label - Rock/Punk/Hardcore
Gen-Sub Records Indie label - Rock/Alternative
Geoharmonic Music Indie label - Pop/Classical/World/Jazz
Healey Disc Manufacturing CD/DVD Manufacturer - Duplication/Replication/Graphic Design
Hi Bias Records Indie label - R&B/Dance
ISBA Music Entertainment Indie distributor - Rock/Pop/Dance/Rap/Classical
Justin Time Records Indie label - Blues/Jazz/Gospel
KLM Records Indie label - Rock/Pop/Dance
Kleo Records Indie label - Jazz
Koch Entertainment Major/Indie distributor - All genres
Linus Entertainment Major/Indie label - Rock/Misc Genres
Marquis Records Indie label - Classical/Celtic
Murky Water Records Indie label - All genres
Mint Records Indie label - All genres
Nettwerk Records Indie label - Rock/Pop/Alternative/Electronic
Oasis Productions Indie label - New Age/Celtic/World/Instrumental
Oliver Sudden Productions Indie label - World music
Pulse 8 Music Indie label - Pop/Ambient/Electronic
Rip Chord Records Indie label - Alternative
Road House Records Indie label - All Genres
Roto Noto add to your block list
Royalty Records Indie label - Country
Ryco Disc Indie distributor - All genres
Salt Spring Music Indie label - All Genres
Shoreline Records Indie label - Misc genres
Skylar Music Indie label - Classical/World
Sonic Unyon Recording Company Indie label/distributor
Sony BMG Music Canada Major label/distributor
Soul Kiss Music Urban music label
Stony Plain Records Indie label - Roots/Rock/Country/Folk/Blues
Stush Records Indie label - Club/Dance/House/Trance
Subvision Records Indie label - Metal/Alternative/Electronic
Sunshine Records Indie label - Aboriginal/Country
Union Label Group Indie label/distributor
Universal Music Canada Major label/distributor
Vik Recordings Major label - All genres
Vinyl Record Guru Indie label
Virgin Music Canada Major label
Warner Music Canada Major label/distributor
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