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An introduction to PLATINUM BLONDE

Who are Platinum Blonde ?
Platinum Blonde are a Canadian new wave rock band that had several hit singles and albums in Canada from 1983-1988, their most popular single being the platinum hit "Crying Over You". 

Founded by Manchester (England) native Mark Holmes in 1982, the trio had emerged from the Toronto club scene in 1983 with hit EP "Six Track Attack", a recording produced by the world famous David Tickle that was later expanded into the Double Platinum "Standing In The Dark" LP. By late 1984 the band had invaded the airwaves in Canada with four hit singles, their Juno nominated "Standing In The Dark" and "Doesn't Really Matter" music videos obtaining high rotation on the newly created Much Music, Canada's national music video network. They had graduated from clubs to the country's largest arenas within a few months of the release of "Standing In the Dark", creating near riots at several venues including their free concert in Nathan Philips Square in Downtown Toronto in 1984. 

In 1985, the band released the Quintuple Platinum selling album "Alien Shores", within a year of the release of "Standing In The Dark". This album featured the addition of a forth member (ex-Deserter Kenny Maclean) and the introduction of a harder sound but their fans remained and the album yielded hit after hit, four including "Crying Over You" and the Billboard charting "Somebody Somewhere", their first and only American hit. The success of this album allowed the band to headline their own "Alien Invassion Tour" of Canada, one of the most successful tours of Canada by a Canadian artist in the eighties. But having been introduced to American listeners with "Somebody Somewhere", the band was now eyeing the American market, changing once more their look and sound for their third album, "Contact", in which drummer Chris Steffler was replaced by Sasha Tukatch

Though unsuccessful in the states, "Contact" was still a hit in Canada in 1988/89, but not as much as their previous releases. It had sold 100,000 copies without a tour or promotion other than music videos for "Fire", "Connect Me" and "If You Go ThisTime" but the band had decided to leave their label after the cancelation of a major world tour in 1989, renaming themselves The Blondes for one last release, 1990's "Yeah Yeah Yeah" on their own label, Justin Entertainment.

By 1990 the band had decided to venture into solo projects and Platinum Blonde was no more until mid 1999, when former members Mark Holmes and Sasha Tukatsch toured with fellow Vertigo/No.9 member Dave Barrett to promote the release of "Seven Year Itch (1982-1989)", the band's greatest hits compilation, and their No.9 indie release.

The following year Sasha Tukatch was replaced by "Juice" (formerly of LimbLifter) and in 2001 & 2002 the band toured Canada once more, to promote "Are You Sitting Comfortably?", an 11 track album comprised of new and re-recorded No.9 material due for release in Fall 2002. This material was unfortunately not released until 2007 but five former members of the band have performed a charity concert in Toronto on the 28th of December 2003.

"Are You Sitting Comfortably?" was eventually released as a solo album by Mark Holmes in 2007 and in 2010 the original members of the band re-united in celebration of the induction into the Canadian Music and Broadcast Hall Of Fame, minus bassist Kenny Maclean, who had unfortunately passed away in Toronto in late November, 2008 at age 51 hours after of his "Completely" CD Release Party.

A new album was released in 2012, entitled "Now & Never", and a new band (comprised of Mark Holmes, Sergio Galli, bass player Rob Laidlaw and drummer Dan Todd) is currently on tour in Canada.

Short Bio by Rob McIntyre

Other Related Projects


Comprised of Mark Holmes, Dave Barrett and Sasha Tukatch, Vertigo was featured on the "Orange Alert" soundtrack, an 1997 album that contained several songs produced by Mark, but Vertigo renamed themselves No.9 shortly after, in 1999, to release a self titled independent release and then proceeded onto Platinum Blonde 99 to tour in the summer of 1999.

Kenny Maclean/Clear

Originally from The Deserters, Kenny Maclean has gained further notarity both with Platinum Blonde and his solo projects. Both his post-Blonde album "Don't Look Back" and independent project "Clear" have had moderate sales in Canada, the later featuring Sasha Tukatch (on percussion) and several other prominent Canadian artists including Lawrence Gowan (piano), Tony Sprinter (Wild T) (guitars) and Mark Holmes (who wrote the lyrics for "Deep on Oceans").

Kenny Maclean passed away in Toronto in late November, 2008 at age 51 shortly after the release of his last album, "Completely"..

The Mod Club

Founded by Mark Holmes and Bobbi Guy in the late 90s, this groups of DJs specialising in Mod music performed in several clubs in the Toronto area until it recently found its own headquarters on College Street in Toronto. The Mod Club, whose official site is accessible by clicking here, was featured on The New Music in early January 2004, in a special on Mod Culture (Episode #13-942, Original Airdate - January 12, 2004). The Mod Club has since expanded into Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria.

Platinum Blonde 1983-1984, 2010-
Chris Steffler - Mark Holmes - Sergio Galli
Platinum Blonde 1985-1987
Sergio Galli - Kenny Maclean - Mark Holmes - Chris Steffler
Platinum Blonde / The Blondes 1987-1990
Sasha Tukatsch - Mark Holmes - Kenny Maclean - Sergio Galli
Vertigo / No.9 / Platinum Blonde 99 1997(?)-1999
Mark Holmes - Dave Barrett - Sasha Tukatsch
Platinum Blonde 2000
Dave Barrett - Juice - Mark Holmes
Platinum Blonde 2010-
Mark Holmes - Sergio Galli - Rob Laidlaw - Dan Todd
Photography by Jim Allen, Dimo Safari, Hugh Syme and Unknown.
Thanx to Bobbi for the latest press kit photo.
Compiled by Rob McIntyre