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All Fall Down

Daddy doesn't tell your mommy everything 
And when he gets home it'l1 be the same thing 
And what Mommy doesn't know won't hurt her in the end
And then those little lies hit you right
Between the eyes again

Mommy thinks she's getting on
Tries out a new life

But Daddy doesn't notice 'cause he's out 
On the night lights

And it's tearing out her heart
Turning love stains into fear
And it's killing all those dreams
All those hopes we held so dear

And when your world falls down 
Don't lean on me (repeat)

Mommy doesn't tell your daddy everything... 
(same as first verse)

And then we all fall down 
Don't lean on me...


Originally from "Standing In The Dark"

© 1983 TBA Music - Music/Lyrics by Mark Holmes

Compiled by Rob McIntyre