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The Globe & Mail Fame Overtakes Platinum Blonde Alan Niester Entertainment P.12 - Eng.
Aug. 11, 1984 - B&W Photo
Star Week Magazine
Toronto Star
Blonde Christmas n/a Page 90-92 - Eng.
Dec. 8, 1984 - Color Photo
The Globe & Mail Rockers no match for Lombardo Laim Lacey M8 - Eng.
Jan. 2, 1985 - B&W Photo
This Week
Kingston, ON
Platinum Blonde playing Canada this spring. Scott Johnson Page 32 - Eng.
Apr. 85 
The Globe & Mail Meteoric metalmen manage to rise again with new album Alan Niester S12 - Eng.
Jul. 22, 1985 - B&W Photo
Toronto Star Brewery sponsoring PLatinum Blonde tour Greg Quill E1 & E2 - Eng.
Jul. 23, 1985
Star Week Magazine
Toronto Star
Holmes is where the heart is Johnathan Gross Page 56 - Eng.
Jul. 27, 1985 - B&W Photo
The Globe & Mail Blond-tressed bombshells a national phenomenon Liam Lacey Entertainment 9 - Eng.
Aug. 3, 1985 - B&W Photo
The Tribune
Sturgeon Falls, ON
Labatt sponsors Platinum Blonde n/a Eng.
Aug. 14, 1985
Bathurst Northern Light
Bathurst, N.B
Lighting the way for Platinum Blonde n/a Eng.
Aug. 14, 1985 - B&W Photo
St. John Evening Telegram
St. John, N.B
Gold album, concert tour... Rock group is flying high n/a Eng.
Aug. 16, 1985 - B&W Photo
" Band pleased with fan support n/a "
Halifax Main Star
Halifax, N.S
Halifax soon not for alien shores for Platinum Blonde Elissa Barnard Eng.
Aug. 22, 1985 - B&W Photo
" Platinum Blondes : Proven musicians " Eng.
Aug. 24, 1985 - B&W Photo
Peterborough Examiner
Peterborough, Ont.
Platinum Blonde pleases more than 3,000 fans John Barker Eng.
Sept. 3, 1985 - B&W Photo
The Chronicle Journal
Thunder bay, Ont.
Platinum Blonde tour here on Sunday n/a Page 17 - Eng.
Sept. 5, 1985 - B&W Photo
Calgary Sun Platinum Blondes has image problem - Success at a price David Veight Eng.
Sept. 19, 1985
Vancouver Sun Band that drives teenagers crazy John Mackie Eng.
Sept. 30, 1985 - B&W Photo
Kingston Whig Standard
Kingston, ON
Kinston fans snapping up tickets for Platinum Blonde Greg Burliuk Eng.
Oct. 8, 1985 - B&W Photo
Toronto Sun Platinum Blonde to play for United Way benefit Peter Goddard Eng.
Nov. 7, 1985
Sunday Star Platinum Blonde - Peter's Picks Peter Goddard Eng.
Dec. 1, 1985 - Color Photos
The Citizen
Ottawa, ON
Platinum Blonde is more glitter than gold Evelyn Erskine Eng.
Dec 3, 1985 - B&W Photo
Progres - Dimanche
Chicoutimi, PQ
Platinum Blonde - Un show bien rodé, du rock accessible n/a Fr.
Dec. 8, 1985 - B&W Photo
The Outlook Platinum Blonde n/a July 2, 1986
Calgary Herald Deserter's bassist finds more fun as a blonde James Muretich Eng. 
July 9, 1986 - 2 B&W Photos
The Daily Times Platinum Blonde a smash Dawn Wickstrom Eng.
July 18, 1986 - 2 B&W Photos
Prince George Citizen
Prince George, BC
Platinum rock group plays here n/a Eng. - July 22, 1986
Penticton Herald
Penticton, BC
Platinum Blonde in Okanagan n/a Eng.
July 22, 1986 - B&W Photo
Toronto Sun New album, new tour and a few new faces for Platinum Blonde Greg Quill Eng.
Apr. 12, 1987
The Times Transcripts
Moncton, BC
Platinum Blonde cancels Atlantic region tour Micheal R Leblanc Eng. - Jan 19, 1988
The Daily Glaner (?)
Fredericton, NB
Concert Canceled n/a Eng. - Jan 19, 1988
Toronto Sun Platinum Blonde's eastern tour killed Craig MacInnis Eng.
Jan. 21, 1988
London Free Press
London, ON
Tough road back for Platinum Blonde Wendy McCann Eng. - Jan 22, 1988
(Ontario tour canceled)
Canadian Press More bad news for Platinum Blonde n/a Eng.
Jan 22, 1988 - B&W Photo
Sunday Sun
Toronto, ON
Platinum Blonde - Mark Holmes heads up a group in flux Bob Thompson Eng.
Jan 24, 1988 - 2 Color Photo
The Chronicle Journal
Thunder Bay, ON
Platinum Blonde, Tu Cancelled - More than ticket sales to blame. Jeff Hurst Eng.
Jan 26, 1988 - B&W Photo
The Citizen
Ottawa, ON
Platinum Blonde cleaning up it's act Tim O'Connor Eng.
Mar 3, 1988 - B&W Photo
Toronto Sun Platinum Blonde away Bob Thompson Eng.
Jun. 7, 1988 - B&W Photo
The Journal-Pioneer
Summerside, PEI
Platinum Blonde's Atlantic tour will touch S'Side n/a Eng - B&W Photo
Toronto Sun Platinum Blonde - A Musical Powerhouse Greg Quill Eng.
Jul. 7, 1988
The Toronto Star
Toronto, ON
Rock Band fulfils teen's dream n/a Eng.
Jul 18, 1988
The Gander Beacon
Grand Fall, NFLD
Platinum Blonde to perform at Gander Gardens n/a Eng.
Jul 20, 1988 - B&W Photo
The Examiner
Peterborough, ON
Platinum Blonde hits comback trail Charles Kopun Eng.
Nov 10, 1989 - B&W Photo
The Citizen
Ottawa, ON
Platinum Blonde - Pulling things together once again Greg Barr Eng.
Dec 1, 1990 - B&W Photo 
The Brandon Sun
Brandon, MAN
Rock Notes Perry Bergson Eng. - Apr 10, 1990
The Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, AB
Having more fun without the blondes Helen Metella Eng.
Jul 4, 1990 - B&W Photo
The Toronto Star
Toronto, ON
Coming out of the past and into the Clear Lenny Stoute Eng. p.f7
Aug 31, 1995
The Toronto Star
Toronto, ON
Platinum Blonde goes brown, now designs custom homes Pat Brennan Eng.
May 4, 1996 - Color Photo (Sergio)
Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, ON
" " p.I10
Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, AB
Surprise! Surprise!: Platinum Blonde, ... er No. 9, is back Sandra Sperounes Eng. p.C1
Aug 18, 1999 - Color Photo
Victoria Times Colonist
Victoria, BC
Platinum Blonde: Canadian '80s band proves that
blondes really do have more fun
Mike Devlin Eng. p.C6
Dec 6, 1999 - Color Photo
St Johns Telegram
St. John's, NFLD
Platinum Blonde revives a little magic at Merlins Bonnie Belec Eng. p.16
Jan 22, 2001 - Color Photo
National Post The Motto:Live Fast, Dye Blonde Christopher Sulgan Sep 21, 2002 - Eng.
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