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Platinum Blonde On Video and Film
Mark on T-N-T
(continued from page 1)

T and T - "Mug Shot"
Mark Holmes guest stars in this Mr.T program as Adam Dalton,
a lead singer of a band (played by Platinum Blonde), who is
accidentally involved in a criminal conspiracy. "Tough Enough" is
performed at the begining of the program by the band
durring a video shoot featuring the band.

Eddie and The Cruisers II - Eddie Lives
Mark Holmes makes his feature film debut on this 1989 sequel. He 
plays Quinn, a bass player hired to form a band by a musician who
faked his own death. Available for purchase on DVD in
Canada or The United States. Blu-ray out April 14th, 2015

Open Mike With Mike Bullard
(Originally aired Oct 1st,1990) - Live Performance

Road Stories With Alan Frew
Glass Tiger's Alan Frew interviewed Mark Holmes in an episode
that aired on May 20th,2001.

Big Sound-Episode 19-"Fakin' It"
May 30th, 2001-Details Soon

Mark Holmes makes a brief appearance as The Who guitarist
Pete Townsend in this biographic film that first aired on
on American network Showtime on September 17th, 2000.
Released on VHS and DVD in March 2001 in Canada and The US.
The Internet Movie Database has this film's trailer.

Prince Bay Luxury Homes Interviews
Sergio Galli's Interviews in regards to his designs with
ET Canada and Canada AM

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Mark in Tears Are Not Enough
Alan and Mark share a laugh on Road Stories
Back Off ! Mark on War Of The Worlds
Compiled by Rob McIntyre