Student discount

Are you a college or university student? There’s a Amazon Prime offer for students, for six months free and 50% off afterwards.


Canada Day 80’s Spotify Playlist

More Scheduled To Be Destroyed ?

Last February I made a blog entry on the scheduled destruction of over 151,000 CDs at the CBC archives in Montreal and it appears the CBC are planning on destroying more to save space according to Friends.ca.

A petition is being made available via Friends.ca to demand the storage of these cultural resources. Please consider signing it. Thank you.

Bestbuy Says Goodbye to Compact Discs

Billboard has claimed that Bestbuy stores will not longer carry compact discs as of July 1st, 2018 and that some American stores may continue to sell vinyl.

I suspect they may continue to sell CDs online but streaming is still taking its toll on physical and digital music sales according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Polaris Music Prize – Live

The Polaris Music Prize will air tonight at 8 PM eastern. Click here for additional details.

Rock Merchandise On Sale

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