Star Wars

May The 4th Be With You

It’s Star Wars Day at Amazon Canada, Amazon International, Barnes & Noble and Indigo/Chapters. And I can’t wait until the release of “Solo” later this month.

I’m mostly a fan of the original, unadulterated films and their soundtracks, although I did like the very recent films, namely The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Rogue One.

For Star Wars Fans / Acoustic David Bowie Tribute

I know this isn’t about music. But aren’t you surprised that they just didn’t wait a month and release the film on Star Wars Day ? It would have been a great opportunity but I guess Disney had their reasons.

Anyhow, i’m going to wait for the blu-ray myself, which will be released in a package with DVD and HD Download on April 5th, 2016. I’ve had it on pre-order since January so i’m patient. 🙂

Yes, I was tempted to buy it from iTunes yesterday. But i’ve decided to wait. I prefer the resolution of blu-ray over downloads and have not really started to go full force into collecting the latter.

Basically I download some of the films I get in the blu-ray packages but I might start downloading films once I set up a larger hard drive on my router. That would probably be more convenient because i’m running out of shelf space and I don’t think i’ll bother buying more shelved, unless perhaps if I decide to move.

By the way, if you’re eying the BB-8 Droid toy, you should know that you can get it from Indigo for 15% off this weekend, along with all regularly priced toys including light sabres, Funko Pops, Funko wobblers, bobble heads and action figures. Just click on this link and use the promo code mentioned : Take 15% Off Regular Priced Items at! This Weekend, Online Only. Enter Promo Code: PROMO15.

You can also get up to 50% on select toys but the 15% offer only applies to regularly priced items, as previously mentioned. No promo codes are required for these select toys and as usual shipping is free for orders over $25.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming :

There will be a an acoustic tribute to David Bowie tonight at the Orbit Room in Toronto featuring Mark Holmes of Platinum Blonde and David Barrett of the David Barrett Trio. The club is located at 580A College St. and the show stars at 8pm. Click here for details.

Available For Pre-Order

That’s right, it’s already available for pre-order from both, iTunes Canada, and although no release date has been published yet ; I’m hoping May 4th, myself.

The official soundtrack by John Williams was released yesterday on and iTunes Canada. And as expected, it sounds great. Can’t wait to see the film…

Force Friday ?

Apparently this was the day a lot of merchandise was going to be released from the new film. But I hadn’t heard of it until today for some reason.

You can access some good deals at the Star Wars Shop and new Star Wars shop at today. But the soundtrack to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will only be available on December 18th, 2015.

May The 4th Be With You

It’s Star Wars Day. Time to look for those rare Star Wars items on sale and to enjoy those John Williams soundtracks.

Yes, even fans that were disappointed by the alternations on the original trilogy can still enjoy the original music, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

The main themes remain in most of the official original trilogy soundtracks so I’ve heard only a few complaints over the years about them. Except of course when it comes to Lapti Nek (by the Max Rebo Band) and the original Ewok celebration theme (a.k.a “Yub Nub”), both of which were featured on the original Return of the Jedi CD soundtrack release and in the 1993 Anthology.

As for the films, DVD is the end of the road for me.

Perhaps Disney will release a limited edition Blu-ray collection that includes the original footage from the original trilogy years from now. But I see no point in investing in higher resolution copies of the current remasters, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who were not introduced to the franchise with the prequels.

I am interested in seeing JJ Abrams’ take on the sequel trilogy though, which are scheduled for release in 2015, 2017 and 2019 according to The Guardian. I like most of the films he worked on.

May The 4th Be With You

John Williams Conducts John Williams: The Star Wars Trilogy - John Williams

It’s Star Wars Day and I thought I’d post an entry about the very first soundtrack I’ve ever loved independently from the film on which it was featured.

In 1984, my brother bought the original soundtrack for Return Of The Jedi on cassette. And it was incredible.

Until then I had loved soundtrack music but never an entire soundtrack from start to end. I had only liked the odd theme from John Barry, mostly from James Bond films.

This soundtrack, which featured The London Symphony Orchestra, included variations of the original Star Wars themes composed by John Williams and new themes like “The Parade Of The Ewoks“, “Luke and Leia“, “Lapti Nek” and the superior “Ewok Celebration” finale.

Though I like the new “Celebration” theme, I prefer the original soundtrack and I find “Jedi Rocks” annoying and distracting in the Special Edition Release of the film.

Unfortunately the original soundtrack from 1983 and 1990 re-release of this soundtrack are no longer in print. And two of my favorite tracks from this soundtrack, “Lapti Nek” and the “Ewok Celebration” (a.k.a “Yub Nub“) cannot be found on the many re-releases and compilations issued since.

Apparently the labels believe these particular pieces are way too dated to include them on their discs, although one can find new and used copies of the 1990 re-release on, and Amazon UK.

Another one of my favorite soundtracks from the franchise is the “Episode I: The Phantom Menacesoundtrack, which was again composed and conducted by John Williams.

Duel Of The Fates” stands out as a theme and the other compositions on this soundtrack are as excellent, regardless of the film’s less than impressive dialogue and characterization.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack released in 1999 and limited, double CD Ultimate Edition released in 2007 are still commonly available in the United States. The 1999 release is also available on iTunes in Canada.