Consumer Information

New Apple Gift Cards

Apple decided to create a more universal gift card, which is accepted for most of their products and services. And these are currently available from Apple stores, several retailers and online from and

Consequently they will probably be phasing out the usual iTunes, Music and App gift cards.

Stores Slowly Getting Back To Normal

Stores in Ontario and Quebec have had their COVID-19 related occupancy limits lifted but masks, social distancing and other measures will remain in place due to the variants. And this is pretty much the situation in other provinces as well but curbside pickups and online orders are still an option.

Theatres have reopened with limited seats, with the aforementioned precautions.

Special Disney+ Offer

Amazon Music Unlimited is offering free subscriptions to Disney+.

New Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers are offered six months of Disney+ for free whilst current and former Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers will be offered three months for free.

This offer is available to Canadians and Americans until the end of July. And Prime Members will also get a $2 discount on their subscription. But people who are currently subscribed to Disney+ cannot take advantage of this offer.

Bonus Optimum Points

Optimum members can get bonus points on iTunes and Netflix gift card purchases:

  • 7500 points per $50 Netflix gift card purchased until June 18th, 2021 at participating retailers
  • 5000 points per $50 App Store & iTunes gift card purchased until June 23rd, 2021 at participating Real Canadian Superstore locations

Consult the official PC Optimum site for details.

Reopening Ontario/Quebec

Retail stores are slowly opening in theses provinces, but not all.

Some will limit access to a certain number of customers, with the standard precautions, whilst chains will simply open a limited amount of central locations, like Indigo, or continue with curbs orders, like Sunrise Records.

Contact your favourite music and book stores for details.

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Much Music?

As you may or may not know, a campaign was organized by former Much Music personality Ed The Sock (also known as Steven Kerzner) to resurrect a more independently driven Much Music under the name “New Music Nation“. And that this Indiegogo campaign was successful, surpassing its goal of $35,000┬áby May 1st.

The above tweet has nothing to do with this campaign.

It’s been eight years since music was pulled off the channel and quite frankly I don’t think I will like a channel featuring the heads of pretty people reacting to music videos, which I suspect this zombie of a channel will be.

As a big fan of the original network, I will give it a chance. But I have serious doubt that their key demographic, millennials on TikTok, will want to watch the variety of genres featured on the previous Much Music. And I suspect the new content will feature the aforementioned reaction shots or multiple TikTok personalities dancing to the same material, in practically the same way.

The channel described in today’s press release just doesn’t sound as appealing as it should and I don’t know how independent rock and metal from Canada would fit in that environment, in comparison with the New Music Nation (which is set to debut on Canada Day).

I guess all we need to do is wait and see what they do with their revived programs. But i’m skeptical in regards to the remaining content, the snippets of TikTok simply not being my cup of tea.