Paramount+ Update

It appears that Paramount+ has listened to complaints and has added the Star Trek catalogue to their streaming service in Canada, which I just discovered when redeeming a free three month subscription through the Monopoly promotion at McDonalds.

They’ve also added quite a few classic television sitcoms like Cheers, Frasier, Family Ties, I Love Lucy and The Love Boat, as well as the more contemporary hit series like South Park, Beavis & Butthead and Red & Stimpy. And all of the Mission Impossible films are also on there.

To get this offer you need to create an account at and enter five codes from the game pieces you get when buying participating products at McDonalds. And these 12 digit codes are also available on winning pieces for free food. But I believe the offer ends on November 30th, 2022 so you’d need to enter the necessary codes and activate your trial membership by then.

By the way, a monthly subscription for this streaming service is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

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Netflix Fare Hike Survival Tips

So, Netflix has decided to raise their prices by one or two bucks, depending on your subscription. And although it is a bit disappointing, I know how to save a few bucks whilst being subscribed to this film streaming service:

  • I subscribe to the Standard Plan, not the Premium Plan, mainly because Ultra HD only offers a limited visual improvement on many films and some films are not made available in that higher resolution rate. And I rarely have multiple films streaming to several televisions or devices anyway.
  • Netflix gift cards are occasionally discounted or sold with bonus loyalty points at some stores and gas stations in Canada so you can stock up for a year’s worth of subscriptions or more using these offers. I take advantage of Air Miles offers at Shell Gas Stations and Optimum Points offers at my Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer and Real Canadian Superstore stores. These are usually advertised in their flyers.
  • You might also consider cancelling your subscription to the other streaming services you don’t actually need. I personally got rid of Paramount+ because they aren’t going to be streaming the new Picard series in Canada and i’ve already watched everything I wanted on Apple+ so i’ve cancelled that one as well, although you should note that offers for free subscriptions to the latter are occasionally made with purchases from Apple.
  • In regards to CraveTV, you can save a few bucks by just viewing streaming content on your tablet and/or paying for your yearly membership in advance, preferably with a discounted gift card. And yearly membership is also available on Disney+, who offer a limited amount of Ultra HD films to their subscribers at no extra cost.
  • I also personally never subscribed to Spotify because Amazon Music is offered to me free via my Prime Membership at, along with Prime Video, which has a decent selection of films and concerts.
  • I’ve also saved on extra cable outlets by installing an omnidirectional outdoor antenna, connecting my bedroom televisions to that antenna. I was mainly watching my local television stations on those televisions anyway. And some cable companies allow streaming on tablets and/or Roku, which eliminates the need for extra cable outlets.

I hope these tips are useful to some of you.

Paramount Minus

So, I got a three month preview of Paramount+ from McDonald’s and thought i’d be able to watch the new seasons of Star Trek : Pickard and Star Trek : Discovery, and the extended versions of the Naked Gun films. But due to rights issues none of the above mentioned Paramount and CBS distributed content is available to Canadians.

Apparently all we get are crumbs though that $5.99/month service, mainly CBS television programs and less than three dozen films. And now my choices are CTV Sci-Fi for $7/month for the Star Trek series, or $19/month for Crave because the $9.99/month rate is for mobile devices.

I could try broadcasting Crave from my tablet but i’m presuming that the contents will be 720p or 1800p, so i’m probably going with CTV Sci Fi to get these programs at a higher resolution. But I think Paramount+ overestimated the demand for their current services in Canada.

Yes, there is a new version of Behind The Music and a Madonna concert on there. But unless you’re a big police drama and Rugrats fan you won’t find much to watch on that streaming service.

I bet I could watch everything I could possibly be interested in within a month so they’re going to need to make significantly more content available to keep me as a subscriber. After all, I already get most of the films they offer on Netflix and Prime Video. And I get the latter free with Amazon Prime

I’ll update you if I see any improvements but it looks like I won’t be keeping Paramount+ beyond mid January.

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