As I have previously stated on this blog, Disney+ features 500 films and over 7500 television programs from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and other companies Disney distributes, many of which will be made available on the service in the future.

The initial releases are quite satisfactory and include several of the Disney films I had seen in my elementary school theatre in the ’80s, like The Cat From Outer Space, Unidentified Flying Oddball and The Apple Dumpling Gang and Herbie The Love Bug films. But the classic Donald Duck and Goofy cartoons I had wanted to see were not online yet. And the $6.99 monthly subscription fee mentioned online was incorrect.

The monthly fee in Canada is actually $8.99, with an option to prepay for a year at $89.99, which reduces the monthly fee down to $7.50. And although I think the later is great for families, I’m personally going to wait for more content to be added before committing to this service.

Parents that like to keep their kids entertained whilst travelling will love the streaming or download and go options. And the service is also great for parents that have young kids, that can’t handle and load films into their DVD and Blu-ray players. But I already own quite a few of the films featured on this service on DVD, Blu-ray and digital so there is no real incentive for me to subscribe yet.

The Mandalorian’s first season is comprised of eight episodes, that I can easily binge watch prior to the release of the second season, which is already being filmed. And I could always purchase the latest Spider-Man film during the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, pretty much completing my Marvel Cinematic Universe collection (minus a few mediocre films in the series). 

In regards to The Simpsons, I can also view the first 19 seasons in the original 4 by 3 aspect ratio on Apple TV/iTunes, Google Play and in reruns on television, so I am not missing much there either.

The addition of the aforementioned Donald Duck and Goofy cartoons to Disney+ will probably lure me back, as will the expansion of the 20th Century Fox Pictures, Fox Broadcasting Company and Touchtone Pictures catalogues to the service. But I suspect this will not happen until next summer, hopefully after they correct their playback and security issues.

Apparently some users had encountered technical issues and several thousand accounts have been hacked resulting in their details being posted online. But it was smooth sailing on my end via my Roku Premiere+, other than an issue with the playback language.

For some reason, it decided to play Star Wars – Episode IV in French, when all the other films played back in English. And although I managed to change the audio to English, I couldn’t figure out how to change the opening crawl.

I’m sure this minor glitch will be repaired by the time I decide to go back. And overall I’d say the Canadian version is an acceptable service for most. 


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